Are You On Target In Our Market?

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In my last couple of posts I have mentioned something called, “options”. Buyers and Sellers are looking through the internet because it offers a lot of options.  So my goal is for those who are in Clarksville or relocating to Clarksville, to offer the most options.  In doing so, we are going to talk about your home’s worth in our market.

If you are currently living in Clarksville and are thinking about selling your home, wondering what you could possibly list it for, you have come to the right site to get more information!

You can find a lot of agents online that will have the FREE CMA button for you to click on but do you want someone you don’t know anything about to work up numbers and give you a figure? Or would you rather have someone you know more about, that will schedule a time to come over and view your home and look at all you have done to take care of it and improve it?  Someone who will sit down with you and show you how they came to the conclusion of the price laid out in front of you?

If you think that a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) can be done without even viewing the home in person, you are doing yourself a disservice. Allow us to schedule a time to view your home and provide a market analysis on it. We offer this service as a complimentary report to our Sellers.

When you decide the time is right to start preparing for the sale of your home, contact us and we will provide you with our marketing plan.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Are You On Target In Our Market?

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