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Lake Oswego Home Owners "giving goodwill"

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Lake Oswego is one of the most prestigious communities in the Portland market and has received many accolades over the years.  The newest is an interesting one that I read in the paper last week.  According to Goodwill donation statistics, Lake Oswego/West Linn residents donated 6.2 million pounds of clothing and household goods in 2008 at the local collection center.  The largest volume site in the country.  Wow ~ I had to ponder this. 

Thinking back I am a regular to that center.  See we have an Expedition that doesn't get out much.  So I use it as my goodwill storage.  When it gets full I drive it over to Goodwill and make my donation.  My clutter free system works pretty good too.  Now though it is the week before Christmas, still snowed in, but we could get around with chains on that truck.  It was the 22nd and we were going to need that vehicle with chains to take everyone to church Christmas Eve.  It needed to either be unloaded into the garage or it was a road trip!  

Mind you there was a good 8 inches of snow still on the ground,  and as I drove up to a closed collection center, the local givers had been busy doing the same thing they always do, giving.  Under the drive thru were boxes and bags piled high, furniture, framed art, you name it.  As I began to add to the inventory, 3 more vehicles pulled in to do the same.  One donater asked if the donation receipt cards out, but even without it she still made her donations.  I wonder if they use my clutter free storage system too!