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Theater of Homes has just completed producing this video piece as an introduction to Theater of Homes and it's services.  Theater of Homes is more than just a quality  high definition home or property video tour production company.  Theater of Homes is so much more.  We are your complete marketing package.  Not only do we create your beautiful video home tour but we distribute that tour to all the video distribution services that have any clout.  In addition we tag, title, and add your description to allow easy accessibility and find-ability on those distribution services and search engines.  We even distribute your tour in an iTunes compatible RSS feed so that anyone can subscribe and receive regular video tour updates in HD that can be viewed on the computer, wide screen televisions, iPods, and iPhones.  Theater of Homes is in the iTunes directory.  Fire up iTunes type in our name and see.  We can even put that video on DVD for you and your client as a keepsake or to showcase.


Another product that Theater of Homes does so well is what we call the MEET-THE-AGENT piece.  It is simply a beautifully done on camera interview of you.  It is your opportunity to sell yourself; an opportunity to persuade perspective clients why working with you is the best choice.  A MEET-THE-AGENT video is the most effective and economical tool you can use to promote yourself.  This video is also tagged with appropriate key words and distributed through our distribution channels.


Theater of Home is easy, effective, and affordable.  No ongoing fees.  We make the videos, we optimize the videos for search services, and we distribute the videos.  You reap the benefit of attracting many, many more views of your property.  With more views comes greater chances of selling your property.  The internet is convenient and fast.  It spans counties and countries.  A person can tour a dozen homes in less than an hour without getting into a car.  Talk about working green.  No carbon emissions with video open houses.


I believe in the near future systems will be in place where a buyer can query a real estate search; entering all that person desires to have in a home, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, etc, and even desired community and neighborhood and boom!  A list of video tours of homes for sale meeting that search criteria.  We have the technology to do that now.  All that is missing is the team of programers to make it happen.  I believe it is coming soon.


Start now by going to http://www.theaterofhomes.com and filling out the form to get your MEET-THE-AGENT video created.  Get that video out there in front of you, working for you as you go on with other business.  That video even works for you while you sleep.  It can't hurt but, it sure could help.  Then come back to http://www.theaterofhomes.com and fill out the form to get your first property video tour produced.  First time customers get $75 off.  Get your first property video tour for $75 off!


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