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A new beginning and a brighter future...

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Today marks a day in history that makes me proud to be American. Many years ago what happened today with the first "brown" (as my son says) President taking the oath of office was just the beginning of a dream come to reality. In these times of economic crisis and war we as a people need hope. Hope for a new beginning and a brighter future, not only for our country but for the world. During the time of 9/11 Rudy Guiliani, through his leadership, became not only the Mayor of New York, but the Nations Mayor. I have hope in Barack Obama that he will not only unite our country, but the world and will be seen as the World's President. Renewing hope for Americans, our children and grandchildren. I have to have hope and believe. If we all spread a little hope, maybe we can make others believe that we do have a new beginning and a brighter future. Congratulations to Barack Obama on his accomplishements and congratulations to America for a second chance at being the country we were meant to be.