These Boots are Made for... Trudging??

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Cold womanI have a confession to make... I'm vain. And recently, my vanity has been resulting in my having soggy, frozen feet. But not anymore.

Lately, we've been having unseasonably cold weather in the Rochester area. It hasn't gotten out of the teens in longer than I'd like to think about. As if that isn't bad enough, it's also snowed 59 out of the past 66 days. That's all but 7 days in the past 2 months. Crazy.

Until yesterday, the only boots I owned were huge, clunky, ugly black monstrosities. I've been resisting wearing them to anything "professional" out of a sense of embarrassment. But I finally reached my breaking point.

On Sunday, I listed a great house in Irondequoit. But, for those of you who know the Rochester area, Irondequoit is up near the lake and gets tons of snow. And, silly me, I was in my dress shoes. Even so, I had to trudge through about 2 feet of snow to get into the back yard to take pictures. Then, I had to climb over a waist-high snow drift, lugging my mallet, and pound in the yard sign. By the time I got to my next appointment, my feet were so frozen they were nearly numb.

Boots in snowThen, the following day, I had to show a vacant, unheated rental, also near the lake. Neither the driveway nor the walkway had been shoveled, so I once again trudged through the snow in my dress shoes. Then, I waited around in the sub-freezing home for my renter to arrive, my feet becoming more frozen by the minute.

That was it for me. On my way home, I stopped by the shoe store and purchased a pair of cute knockoff designer boots. I felt somewhat silly, with a perfectly functional pair of boots sitting in my foyer, but what he heck. I'm a woman. I'm allowed to be vain.

At least now I'll be vain AND have dry feet!


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Kristen Wahl

Kristen Wahl
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Comments (5)

Diane Daley
Caron's Gateway Real Estate - Northumberland, NH

I toss fashion out for warmth anyday...  I dress for the weather of northern NH a week ago morning temps without wind were 38-40 below... 

Jan 21, 2009 07:13 AM
Nancy Williams
Coldwell Banker Homestead Group Select Professionals - Harrisburg, PA

These are so cute!  I have been dealing with an ancient but wonderful pair of boots from LL Bean, but never see any like them in stock anymore.  Must find a pair like yours, and they must be red.

Jan 21, 2009 07:14 AM
Kristen Wahl
Re/Max Plus - Rochester, NY

Caron, that's an insanely low temperature! And you're the smart one... I should have just sucked it up and looked dowdy. ;-)

Nancy, the sad part is those aren't the boots I bought, that's just a photo I found on a stock site! I agree, though, I'd buy those in a second, lol. The ones I bought look more like Uggs.

Jan 21, 2009 07:31 AM
Robin Moffitt
Gold Star Realty, Inc. - Nampa, ID
"Gold Star Service....Gold Star Results !"

I love Idaho.  Anything goes!  I just go with the flow!  Up  down  or sideways  we're all pretty casual here.  It's really fun to be so free and easy...I used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area...that WAS NOT CASUAl in Real Estate!  At All! 

Jan 21, 2009 12:01 PM
Kristen Wahl
Re/Max Plus - Rochester, NY

Robin, that does sound nice! It would be great to not have to worry about looking "professional"... although I usually don't mind!

Jan 22, 2009 01:34 AM

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