Investing in a Real Estate Website

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Investing in a Real Estate Website

WHether you are an experienced agent ot a newly licensed agent, the time will come to promote yourself on the web, via website, blog, etc. WHen you do so there is one question you need to ask yourself. What is my goal?

ALot of agents build a fancy website with snazzy flash photos, search portals to the MLS and tips for buyers and sellers. If your goal is to give out free information and not receive anything in return then thats is the site for you. If you are trying to convert views to leas then you have to drastically re-think you plan.

One thing to consider is Search Engine Optimization and bringing value to each and every visitor to your site.

Stay Tuned for tips on how to obtain this.

-Rev Management Team


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Bill Wilson
Brokers Guild Classic Ltd. - Centennial, CO

Who are the RV Realtors? And yes I am interested in a good web site to get started that is reasonably priced. My web will be limited in scope to accomodate a small farm in the suburbs of Denver,Colorado. where I live and work. Broker bill "the new guy"

Jan 21, 2009 07:46 AM
Rev Realtors
Rev Realtors - South San Francisco, CA

Hi Bill,

The name of the Brokerage is actually Rev Realtors. We are based outof the San Francisco Peninsula and we are Residential brokerage that covers San Francisco and the SF Peninsula. Our way of doing business is a little different than traditional brokerages, but same in theory. We are a cost-reducing brokerage that helps Realtors with their fees and promotes Mobile Realtors( work fom home, Starbucks, etc) and use Rev for Broker support. This way they can maximize their earnings.

What I can tell you about a website is make sure it is serving the purpose of what a website should do for a Realtor- Capture leads! By doing this you need to be place high in searches, offer value to whoever is volunteering their information, and so forth.

Ask yourself this question. Would you rather spend 1000 dollars on a website that no one will probably go to or give information or give away a $1000 giftcard to (wherever) in exhange for 1000 leads?

 Thats all I can give for now. I hope this helps. Rev Realtors think a different way about the business than traditional Realtors. If you ever ove to California, or we branch out to Colorado maybe we can work together!

Best of Luck,

Rev management Team


Jan 21, 2009 08:07 AM