Let's Say It Again! Incredible Opportunites For Savvy Real Estate Buyers

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It's a new day, a New Year and a new administration in Washington!  It's time for renewed hope in our Country.  And hopefully, with a new administration in Washington the media will start talking about positive news for a change!  We need some GOOD NEWS!

That said, there is GOOD NEWS for  savvy real estate buyers and many ARE taking advantage of the current buyers market.  There were over 2,400 hundred properties sold in the Panama City and Panama City Beach, Bay County areas in 2008.  Not bad for our quiet, little town!  Okay, that it is a buyers market has been said and said again  BUT as real estate professionals I don't think we can emphasize enough the current  opportunites. The media needs to stand corrected!  You don't have to have a crystal ball to predict the future of the real estate market.  After a turndown, an UPWARD TREND FOLLOWS.  Make no mistake - that upward trend IS coming.  When? Who knows for sure.  The Spring-Summer home-buying season, will soon be  here and that usually means sales pick up which can cause prices to firm up or solidify. Currently with a large inventory of properties on the market, desperate sellers,  seller paid closing costs, desperate sellers, super low interest rates, desperate sellers,  drastically reduced listing prices on inventory, desperate sellers, and new tax incentives it's a win-win for buyers.  Oh, and did I mention desperate sellers?!?!  

Next, don't let anyone tell you there are no mortgages to be had.  That is simly not true.  Yes, the qualifying critera has changed, as it should have but there are good loan packages available at excellent interest rates to qualified buyers.  And in some cases where Rural Development Housing guidelines apply there is 100% financing available with no down payment to qualified buyers.

I am optimistic and excited about our future here in Bay County, the  brand New Year, and the opportunity for our nation to move forward on a positive note.  With the World's Most Beautiful Beaches, incredible weather, our new Pier Park with upscale shopping and numerous restaurants, the new Seabreeze Jazz Festival venue each Spring bringing world renowned musicians, a new International Airport coming in 2010, a friendly, small town environment AND incredible opportunies for savvy real estate buyers we have much to offer here in Panama City and Panama City Beach. 

Here's to the future and savvy real estate purchases!

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