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Mortgage Rates - 30 year fixed

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Florida 30 year fixed Mortgage Rates

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Featured Rates are based on loan type, down payment, and location selections made for a loan quote. They are for consumers with a 680-850 credit rating and are valid for the date shown, but may change without notice. Rate, terms, pre-paid finance charges, and APR may vary based on factors such as creditworthiness of the applicant(s), self employment status of the applicant(s), condo or townhouse structure, loan amount, and geographic location of the property.

If no state is selected, a national rate will be shown.

If a lender does not offer a national rate, a state rate may be shown next to the lender's name. For example, "Bank name (CA)".

Loan Amount:

  Featured Mortgage Rates Lender Listed here are banks and originators who loan money to be repaid with interest.APR Annual percentage rate (APR) is known as the 'true rate' to finance a mortgage because it includes costs associated in getting the loan such as origination points, discount points, and closing costs (e.g., lender and title fees). Dis/Orig
Points There are two types of points: Discount points are fees paid to a lender at closing to get a lower interest rate. Each point is equal to one percent of the loan amount. (e.g., On a $100,000 loan, one discount point equals $1,000). Origination points (or fees) are what a lender charges for processing a loan such as the cost to prepare loan documents, check credit history, and inspect the property.Rate Rate is the cost the lender charges to borrow money for a mortgage loan, expressed as a percentage of the loan amount. It does not include closing costs or points. Fees These are paid at closing and include third-party fees (e.g., title company search, attorney fees), state and government fees (e.g., transfer taxes, property taxes), and lender fees (e.g., application fee, recording fee, processing fee). By law, these fees are required to be disclosed by the lender in the Good Faith Estimate before closing.Date This is date the lender provided this rate.Estimated
Payments This is the estimated monthly mortgage payment based on the loan amount selected and the lender's interest rate. The payment includes principal, interest, and fees outlined in this table. The actual monthly payment may be higher due to escrow for taxes and insurance.
American Enterprise Bank of Florida 5.42% 0.0/0.0 5.375% $1,595 01/21 $1,689
The Money Store 5.01% 0.0/0.0 5.000% $495 01/21 $1,613
Absolute Mortgage Company 5.53% 0.0/0.0 5.000% $1,555 01/21 $1,708

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  • National Rate: 5.12% (volume: 84,349)
  • Local Rate: 4.98% (volume: 6,415)