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So I was so relieved by the peaceful transfer of power yesterday (to use an over-coined term). Did anyone else notice that the news had to dig REALLY deep to pull out negative stories? ABC went so far as to find some family that had the last name McCain to get their take on the Inauguration. The angle? They were descendants of slaves owned by John McCain's plantation farming ancestors. Here is a newsflash! Slavery ended a long time ago, which is why we can all celebrate the diversity that the Obama family brings to Pennsylvania Avenue. The really sad part of the McCain family story was that they had to watch Obama's oath from a D.C. hotel room  because they couldn't get onto the Mall. Shouldn't ABC have been able to pull some strings there? ANYWAY...


Why does the media focus on the things that divided us in the past when thousands of people endured the cold and the crowds to cheer change, unity and progress?


I am not a political person. In November, I actually had to go to a website that made me describe my opinion on the pressing campaign issues and told me which candidate was the closest match. I figured either way it went, I had a reason to celebrate. Palin as VP? Inspiring from a girl-power perspective. Obama as President? Inspiring from a cultural perspective. 

So, I was watching all of the Inaugural Balls and the speech and the crowd commentary last night before bed, relieved at how positive everyone's attitude was and the great spirit that swept across our country. But then the media blew it! They reverted back to the economy, which has been my main hot-spot of irritation.

Does anyone else take offense to comparisons drawn between The Great Depression and our current economic situation? GAR just put out statistics on 2008. Foreclosures hovered at 3%. Guess what they were during The Great Depression? 40!!!!! Look at the house next to you, Americans! Is half of your neighborhood empty? Nope! There are pockets of unbelievable foreclosure, and people are losing their jobs, and sad things happening with our economy, but The Greatest Generation sure didn't get from the 1930s to the 1940s by looking feeling sorry for themselves and focusing on what they had lost. We seem to think that "Depression Mentality" means that you throw your hands in the air and cry in your beer and the media wants you to buy in because it sells. In my family "depression mentality" is the term we used to describe my grandma's generation's inclination to save everything because you never know if you'll need it if you throw it away. You see, that generation did what it took to get back on their feet. I am very proud of my grandparents' generation and am quite offended that the Associated Press feels justified drawing comparisons between our standard of living and theirs. We have needed to re-define "need" for quite some time throughout this country. We also need to reach out to our neighbors. Apparently, of that 3% of homes foreclosed on, hardly any of them asked for help. Many just "let the house go" or handed the keys back to their lender after months of a silent fight. What happened to community? Why are we finding out about foreclosures when the signs go up in the yard? Agents, I encourage you to contact that database of closed clients. MAKE SURE THEY ARE MAKING THEIR PAYMENTS and if they aren't, ask how you can help. Every day, we place people on the path to the American Dream of Home Ownership. Let's make sure we keep that dream alive!


Okay so I am really curious.....

What thrifty things did your grandparents do with their "depression mentality"? My grandma saved POUNDS of used tin foil in drawers and she always took her leftovers home from a restaurant -even if it was just 5 french fries!

What is your perspective of the spin the media is putting on the economy?

What is happening in your area of the country? Is the rate lower or higher than the national average? I live in a neighborhood with several hundred houses and I think there are 3-4 foreclosures on the market, which would be about accurate. How about you?



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Karen Anne Stone
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Kelly:  I live in a neighborhood of about 200 homes... and to my knowledge there have been zero foreclosures.  It is so much easier to spread fear than it is to spread hope.

Jan 21, 2009 04:19 PM
Eric Bouler
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If you lived in the rural South during the depression, life was simple. There was little or no money. You ate what you grew, traded with others to get services. It changed little till the 1950s.   My mother was the first to go to college from her family. Her dad had $4.00 to his name when she left. She worked tables to earn her keep and made her own clothes. She made extra from sewing when she had time. She never complained or expected government help. At college she did not have to milk cows, pick cotton or feed the hogs.

Then World War ll came and it was rationing. Women took jobs that men normally did. She was prepared. Moved herself to California while my dad spent 3 years in the Pacific front. No letters or calls for over a year. He was happy to be alive. Then it was Korea after a shot at college,they did not wait.   

Maybe that is why Southerners tend to be Republicans. You take care of yourself and family. People today are soft compared to that generation.

Jan 21, 2009 04:47 PM
Tim Monciref - Austin, TX
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Obviously there is no comparison to the great depression as the CPI actually increased this past quarter.  Optimism is what will get this country going.  Day one is passed and let's hope the fever grows.  It is interesting how everything was negative a week ago and now we are seeing positive thoughts.  Keep it flowing..........

Jan 21, 2009 04:57 PM
Randall Sandin
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great point - it is amazing to me how public opinion works and how people can turn the switch on how bads things are one day to a new hope the next - we will get out of this in time just like other similiar things in the past - we get what we deserve and greedy people caused this mess, hopefully, it ill not happen again soon as it will happen again

Jan 21, 2009 08:46 PM
Goodbye Active Rain
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The media is trying to control the masses and turn them into scared zombies.  Create your own economy and your own success.  It is so controlled and filtered it's ridiculous.  My Dad's friend is from Germany.  He reads the German newspaper every day online.  He is shocked by how filtered and controlled our media is.

Jan 22, 2009 12:27 AM
Kelly Bringman
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Just to clarify, I hail from Chicago and do not claim a political affiliation (although if I had to choose, I would go Libertarian). For the true Southerners, I wouldn't offend them to be called one of their own. (It's all about the maternity ward in the South....not to mention your China pattern.)  You won't see me up North again though, I moved down here when I was in grade school and I will call Savannah home as long as they'll have me.


Thanks for the great responses everyone!

Jan 22, 2009 12:46 PM