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Lets' keep Realtors working, lets help them think smarter.  

You would think that Realtors are thinking smarter when it comes to marketing and cutting back on print ad and mailers, to redirect dollars to marketing that gives more for their investment.  I continue to get just as many mailers and letters sent to my Jackson home, see ads in shopping guides for the Monmouth & Ocean Counties and other forms of local advertising that have no measureable ROI.   Realtors could feel they have to action and when they do it needs to be a psychical thing so  they are in control and are being proactive.

Virtual Tours are not a tangible item. Unless educated on how to get the most marketing out of each tour,  they have no control over who will see it and there is no physical action that they can take to give them the sense of being proactive with their business. The  explanation is any action is better than no action, but the wrong action could drive you out of business.

With this thinking we need to come up with a marketing concept that combines the tangible with the virtual. We need to promote and educate on the traceable ROI, on maximum exposure that each tour gets when its posted to all of the available sites. We need to demonstrate they can take a physical pro-action by emailing links, burning CD's sign riders and any other ideas to get the most out of the investment of a virtual tour. Also tell them how it's better for the environment too!

Lets keep them in business and all of us too!


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I believe that measurable ROI is critical. Online marketing, complimented by strategic direct mail marketing has worked well for me. Thanks for your post.

Jan 24, 2009 03:00 PM