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It's come time for me to change phones (yet again) and I've narrowed my decision down to two, but I'm having trouble deciding.  I've read reviews on both the i-Phone and the Blackberry Storm and had the chance to play around with both and haven't been able to come to a conclusion just yet.

I was really hoping to hear from some fellow agents as to their experiences using either phone out in the field since most of the reviews I've read aren't reviews from those involved in real estate. The one that I did find from agents was concerning the i-Phone (before 3G) and the older Blackberry models. I hope you guys can help me in my decision. Thank you so much!


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Jodi Smith
Keller Williams Realty Consultants - Marietta, GA
Realtor - East Cobb/Marietta, Georgia - 678-763-6025

Hi Blake~

Thanks for the kind words and support!  I really appreciate it.  Everyone on here has been so great.  I will definitely keep you in mind if I ever know anyone moving to your beautiful (I saw the picture you posted of Upstate South Carolina...really nice) area. 

By the way, I got the iPhone 2 weeks ago and absolutely HATED it.  The ONLY thing I like was that I could download music to it...that's it!  I returned it for the Blackberry Bolt (I'm a devoted at&t customer).  I LOVE my Blackberry...again. I had one before the iphone, but decided to make a change. 

I couldn't see when I was receiving emails (the little light blinks on the blackberry). I had to manually go into the emails and wait for them to load.  Maybe I was spoiled from the blackberry...but I REALLY like that feature.  Also, texting was impossible...and I do a LOT of that...and writing emails.  These were just a few things that really irritated me, there were several other little things too, but I'm not going to bore you with all that.

 Anyway, I'm sure I'm too late to help your decision...but I thought I'd let ya know.

Feb 18, 2009 05:28 AM
Bob Stoneburner

The iPhone is a lifestyle phone. Not a practical business tool. I think you'll find that when Microsoft and Google release their next generation phones (and corresponding email server software), that realtors love affair with the iPhone quickly cools. These new phones will offer a number of features that are going to redefine the mobile space.

Jun 14, 2009 06:02 PM