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I just had an experience with an unethical Realtor. It was an inexpensive house and last week when I was supposed to go show it with my client (and he being the Realtor was going to be there) the other Realtor called me up and said that there would not be any showing because he just received a contract and that the seller was probably going to sign it. He didn't have a fully executed contract yet but denied us getting to see the house and he denied us the chance at puting in an offer. It is just a shame that we have to continue to work in our industry with unethical agents as they put a bad taste in the communities mouths and sometimes we actually wonder why these people feel this way. We soon forget where it comes from. Oh well, just had to expend some of the energy that has been building up. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a fantastic day!

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judy wade


In 05, I lost my job...applied for unemployment soon after, took apprx 5mos, the owner, who lived in hawaii  was kind enough to let me stay..finally the realtor (I think she's a realtor)  had me evicted, when I returned from court , my unemployment check had arrived...I begged the realtor to let me pay back rent and remain in cond...said no, I want you to move..this was around april 06, I moved. A few months ago I happen to recive a copy of my credit report, she put a judgement on there for $3840. I found out she sold the condo the month after I moved. Is it legal for her to come back after 4years and put a judgement on my credit after refusing my paymen four years ago. Is this legal?

Apr 19, 2010 05:05 PM