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Please Rain

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I'm not sure what is drier, the land outside, or my skin.  The central texas area has not had the rain it needs and we are in one of the worst droughts in 50 years I'm hearing.  I have almost forgotten what green grass looks like, or the smell of rain.  All over central texas from way south of San Antonio to Waco, we are bone dry.  The rain just seems to avoid us.  It's hard to imagine just 2 years ago we were in flood situations.  I'm praying for rain, for my cows, for my land in Florence, for the trees, for everyone trying to make their yards look good while trying to sell, and for anyone affected by cedar fever right now.  If we could get some rainfall, it would help nock some of this dreadful allergen out of the air.  There are not too many people unaffected by this, and the Dr.s offices are full of patients needing relief.  Please join me in saying a prayer for rain, for relief.