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i am on the last day of a trip in North Carolina.  Because of my involvment the House Hunter America, I gett to travel a little and talk to brokers that are looking at new opportunities in this ever changing business.  It is always very interesting to hear how other parts of the country are doing and their perception of the market in their area.  Since the new year I have spoken to brokers and agents in Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, and California.  the perception seems to be changing.  The markets are changing and people  will still be buyinfg and selling houses this year.

Will there be as many sales?  probably not.

Will values be down? probably so.

Will loans be harder to get?  probably so

Will realtors have to work harder and know more?  no probably about it.  definately.

and the final question

Will real estate, as we know it ever be the same..... I do not know the answer to that and neither does any one I have soken with, but what I do know is you can still make a living and serve our clients. the tough will survive.  the creative will thrive and we will all be better in the end.


Keep it positive in 2009


Dale Erwin

Regional VP Househunter of America