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If we all know that the better a house looks like both outside and inside, it is easier to sell, why do Sellers try to sell empty houses or ones in bad condition? It's not usually because of lack of time or lack of money. So what is it?

An answer from Real Estate Stager and expert, Barbara Jennings, says, "I think many people shut down when it comes to preparing their homes for sale. The task feels overwhelming. They have emotionally set their minds and hearts on where they will live next and just don't want to go to the trouble and expense to fix up the property to be sold."

This is very true. Most times Sellers don't want to spend any extra money because they feel they won't get their money back. Sometimes the list of repairs becomes too daunting for them. They don't want to hire anyone to help, so trying to do it themselves, and in our busy lifestyles, it seems to be an impossible task.

Here are a few reasons why every Seller should think about getting a stager to come and give suggestions:

1. A stager will point out the most glaring problems in the house. No one wants to buy a house that looks as it has been unkept for a number of years. No one will pay for someone else's lack of attention to cleanliness or a do it yourself project gone bad.

2. A staged house will lessen the defects of the house. There is no such thing as a "perfect house". It doesn't matter if it is a brand new home from a builder or a resale home that is older -- all homes have defects of some kind. Not every house will meet the needs and wants of every potential buyer that sees it. The key is to minimize the defect so that the house will appeal to most buyers.

3. By staging a house, the seller will learn how to accentuate the good points. Each and every house has it's own charm, and there is a buyer for every house. The job of the seller is to work at bringing out this charm. The best feature of the home must be enhanced. Sometimes sellers just can't put their finger on why they bought the house to begin with, but with the help of a stager the best feature can be brought front and centre.

4. A staged home can reach the buyers on an emotional level. It is a known fact that buyers make offers only if they have an emotional connection with the house. How many times have you walked into a house with a buyer and within 10 seconds they tell you that "this is the one". You may go through 5 or more houses before this happens, perhaps even more. Most buyers will have a difficult time visualizing their furnishings in the home. First time buyers have the most trouble with this. This is very natural. Seeing a home to it's fullest potential if the floors have not been washed, or if it hasn't been painted in 10 years, is difficult. A properly staged home can make a dramatic statement because it helps buyers "see" themselves living in the home and may even suggest decorating ideas to the buyers.

5. Staging brings ideas to life. Some buyers like seeing the bones of the home. But all buyers are attracted or deterred to a house from the time that they drive up the driveway and approach the front door. Once problems are fixed, staging a home can create a comfy/cozy feeling that helps potential buyers make a connection.

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