I am having an affair: Open Letter to AR

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Dear Active Rain,

This is one of the hardest letters I have ever written, but I want to be honest with you.  AR you have meant so much to me and I owe you the truth.  You have no doubt noticed that I have been a little absent the past few months and not paying very much attention to you. 

The fact is that I have been having an affair. 

I have met someone who has changed my life.  Her name is Word Press.  Starting this past fall I guess I was feeling a little restless and my eye began to wander.  I do truly love you, but there was something missing in my life.  WP and I have a number of friends in common, who suggested we get together.  Well, one thing led to the other and we have created something that I think is quite beautiful.


SeattleHomeBuyingGuide.comSeattle Home Buying Guide





I hope we can still be fiends.  I want us to keep in touch, but things can never be the same as they were before.  This past 9 months with you have been extraordinary.  I learned more then I could have ever hoped.  You showed me how to connect with others, how to reveal my inner real estate agent.   You have introduced me to some amazing new people who have truly changed my world.  I will stay in touch with you and all the wonderful people you have introduced me to, but I need more.  I need to be free to explore this crazy thing we call the "internet".  


I need to keep in touch with my sphere through FaceBook. 



I need to be able to twitter when I can't decide between going to Jack in the Box

or Taco Del Mar for lunch.



I want to answer questions on Trulia when Midge in South Carolina can't

decide what to do with her cats when she lists her Duplex.


Understand that it's not you it's me.  I need to be free right now.  I need to be able to adjust my permalinks and metatags on a moments notice.  I need to obsess over long my long tail keywords at 2:00 am in the morning when I can't sleep or change my theme all together to match my mood. 

I know this must all sound selfish, but I have to be honest with you and myself.  I will always love you and stay in touch, but right now I just can't be tied down to just one blog format.  Please try to understand.  I owe you more then I can ever repay. 


I wish you nothing but the best,




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Rob Graham, Managing Broker

Windermere Real Estate



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Carolyn Gjerde-Tu-Davis
Lyon Real Estate - Davis, CA
Ca Real Estate

You don't need to break up with AR completely - it's always good to have a few different blogs out there.  Your wordpress blog is a lot more customizable, you may still find after you've blogged for a while that you find a new true love, mine is my website because that is really where most of my clients come from. Blogging is just one way that I get visitors to my website.

Jan 23, 2009 03:47 AM
Linsey Ehle
M Realty - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Rob - this is damn funny.  We should touch base and I'll share with you my philosophy on this - but both can work.  This was so well written and such a crack up though.  ;)

Jan 29, 2009 09:08 AM
Courtney Cooper
Cooper | Cartwright - Seattle, WA

Rob, you are a goon.  You really should not stop here - I was goign to talk to you about it anyway, but since you brought it up:  You should be doing BOTH.  Post on AR once a week and get some good links to your WP blog from here.  Google pretty much sweeps AR's content constantly and you will be loosing out on a lot of Google juice if you don't keep going.  I think your WP site is awesome, but it is new and you have to get it going before you rely on it solely for leads and web boosting.  I think you are making a mistake, but oh well - I guess I will still be here to catch all your missed AR leads!!!!  :) 

Jan 29, 2009 11:06 AM
ActiveRain Real Estate Network
ActiveRain - Kirkland, WA

Hi Rob,

It's ActiveRain. How's WP been treating you?  I've been hitting the gym and recently when I was walking down the street Google told me that my Outside Blogs was looking "SEO Amazing".  Anyways, after you've had your fun with WP and are ready to get serious generating some real business, let me know. You can find me here.

Feb 18, 2009 06:12 PM

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