Lake Arrowhead Real Estate- Where do Buyers Come From

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Coldwell Banker Sky Ridge Realty

I did a recent study of our closed transactions, I looked at September, October, November and December to see where the buyers we represented came from.  The following chart shows the percentage data.  What this data tells me is that nearly 1/2 of the buyers that work with Coldwell Banker Sky Ridge Realty to buy homes found us through some relationship with the company or the agent.  It is well documented that the single biggest strength of our organization is the wide reaching network that has been created by over 25 years of market leadership.

Other notable sources are our Kiosk location in Lake Arrowhead Village, Open House, and on the World Wide Web, we are able to source as most effective internet tool.


Source %
Personal Referral 25%
Past Client/SOI 20% 14%
Kiosk 11%
Open House 9%
Sign Call 6%
Agent Referral 5%
Walk In 3%
Homes Magazine 3%
Personal Website 2%
Relocation Source 2%
Total 100%

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