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Best “Clean” Urban Dictionary Words of the Past 128 Days


CAUTION:  Urban Dictionary is not for everyone. While it can be a great resource and form of entertainment, it can be offensive.


        I am sure that most of you know about a site called Urban Dictionary.  If not it is the ultimate slang dictionary and a great time waster.  It is a WIKI-type site, What I Know Is.  The definitions are user submitted and voted on to make it to the top.  It is fun to look up words that you thought you knew the definition to, as well as slang words you have heard or would like to use.  Try looking up the name of your university or the city you are from.

             I get a word sent to my Gmail account every day but have not checked it for over 4 months so I am going to get motivated to click through them and share my top few in no particular order…

  1. BLIND TRANSFER - When someone calls your office phone and you transfer them to a random number from a department you choose because you either can’t find the correct number or you don’t feel like looking it up.
  2. TRUSTICLES - Having the balls to trust someone in a difficult situation, when the failure of that trust would result in injury or financial loss.
  3. PONZI CRAWL - A pub crawl that adds a new person to buy a round at each location. Each new person is promised that they will get free drinks at all the future bars if they buy this round. Obviously, whoever joins the ponzi crawl last gets screwed!
  4. OVERCHICKED- When a not-so-good-looking guy lands a chick thats way more attractive than he is.                  
  5. ACADEMIC BULEMIA- The process of learning or memorizing by rote, subsequently followed by the regurgitation of that knowledge onto an exam answer sheet. Just as with the serious eating disorder, this form of bulemia results in no real retention of substance. 
  1. ECONNOISSEUR- One who insists on the highest quality at the lowest price.
  2. GRAND BOSS- The boss of your boss.
  3. TEXTROVERT -  One who feels an increased sense of bravery over texting, as opposed to in person.  OR  One who will often only say what they really feel over text messages.


       Like I said.  I wanted to keep this clean.  Enjoy

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