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Distribution trumps Destination Every Time and Preception is Everything

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It is no secret that the old adage of people, being like water, will follow the path of least resistance is probably more true today than ever before.  Case in point: where are you reading this?  Where is the easiest place to pick up real estate information, tips and trends than a real estate blog. What that means is, if you make it really easy for buyers to find your listings, they need to be everywhere buyers are, which means you are on the right track since you are reading this on a real estate blog.  Now if there were ever a case for "Localism" consumer facing MLS websites are a given.  Distribution of your listing information on a publicly accessible MLS website is far more important than listing information appearing on any single national real estate website.  There is no question that a well publicized, consumer facing MLS website will generate more "sticky" traffic than the national sites because the consumer has already narrowed their sites to "local" real estate information.

Many brokers do not realize that it is in their best interest to make all of their listings easily available for public review on their local public facing MLS website. With all of the availability for consumers to get information from literally hundreds of so called websites, why not control the accuracy, and you don't have to buy the leads back, they are directly forwarded to the listing or buying agent.  While you are at it why not control the content to ensure that your brokerage is in compliance with all the rules & regulations, where a rouge agent can't say or display something for which, you the broker is responsible.  It only makes sense to ensure that your information is easily found and is in as many places as possible but there is always one source where that information is coming from.  A public facing MLS website is the only place, other than the broker's own site where that accuracy and compliance can be assured. Public perception is that if they go to a broker's site, they are only going to get information on that broker's listings.  Doesn't matter that the broker spends thousands of dollars promoting the fact that ALL the MLS listings are available on their site, the public simply doesn't believe it.  It seems pretty clear to me that a site like 4114openhouses.com is the answer.

Would love to hear your input on this.

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