The Importance of Home Staging

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Whether it's done professionally, by the Listing Agent, or the Sellers themselves, the appearance of a home has a great impact on the buyers who come through looking.  While some Sellers feel that the price alone will sell their home, they must realize that it is an emotional decision by a Buyer when it comes to which home they will buy.

At the best case, an unattractive home will bring a low offer from a buyer and at the worst, a complete "pass" on the home altogether.  

Here are some of the things I have seen in homes listed for sale that directly and negatively impacted the buyers decision:

- Dead lawn, crab grass or "patchiness".  Even without flowers and complicated garden designs, your front yard should be clean and watered.  Mow the lawn, pick up toys, trash and old newspapers.  The front door should not need paint, be hard to open or unlock.  

- Paint wall colors that are dark (dark red, blue, even black!) or unusually bright colors (pinks, bright yellow, lime green).  While these may be your favorite colors or compliment your lifestyle, it limits the number of buyers who might agree with you.  Some buyers can happily repaint, its true. But other buyers dread the thought of painting before they move in (it's hard work or expensive) and will decide against a home because of it.

- Unkept and/or cluttered.  This is probably the worst offender.  The living room has piles of magazines, or old pillows and throws.  Too much furniture makes the room seem small. Thousands of nick-nacks line the walls.  "cute stein collection" the buyer says, but is unable to picture her own things in the house.

It's an emotional decision for the buyer. A professional stager will make your home feel warm and cozy, spacious and inviting ~ a place the buyer will want to be.  And this is the way to the highest and best offer on your home. 

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