Horatio Chiorean Shares Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips for the Do-it-Yourself Homeowner in Broward County, Florida

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Broward County, FL - The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recommends dryer vent cleaning for clothes dryer safety.  The UL is an independent testing laboratory that establishes standards for residential, commercial and industrial electrical products and their safety.  Horatio Chiorean is the owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of Broward County, a dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation company who also works to promote public awareness of dryer fire prevention.


In a recent interview, Horatio explained, "About 80% of all homes have clothes dryers; this means that there are about 82 million potential fire hazards out there if the dryer vents are not properly maintained.  A dryer fire occurs when lint build up in the dryer vent system, reducing air flow and causing overheating."


Horatio also explained that a clothes dryer requires proper air flow to work efficiently.  "The harder you dryer has to work to perform its job, the more you are spending for energy bills.  A poorly maintained dryer vent system will make your dryer cost an additional $18 to $24 per month to operate," said Horatio.


Though Horatio recommends professional dryer vent cleaning and inspections at least once a year, he realizes that there are a lot of do-it-yourself homeowners who prefer not to pay someone for something they feel they can do.  This is the reason he told us about a special dryer vent brush available for homeowners for use in cleaning their dryer vent system.  He also shared many other uses for this long handled, flexible tool.  "The dryer vent cleaning brush is also useful for cleaning the coils behind the refrigerator, which is another great energy saving tip.  People are also using it to retrieve lost items from underneath appliances and cleaning under and behind heavy furniture like desks and bookcases."


Horatio Chiorean owns and operates Dryer Vent Wizard http://www.dryerventwizard.com  in Broward County, Florida.  He has made it his mission to educate his customers to prevent clothes dryer fires while providing professional dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation services in his community.  Horatio is happy to spend the necessary time to answer any questions his customer has, at no additional charge.  Read Horatio's blog at http://dryerventcleaningbrowardcountyfl.blogspot.com to learn more about dryer vent cleaning and maintenance to save on utility bills and prevent dryer fires.




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