We all LOVE a Good Cause!

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My (twitter) friend @writingroads has launched a wonderful Internet based fundraiser in spirit of love and giving and timed for Valentine's Day.

She is creating The LOVE ebook to be published and available for Internet download from February 11th-14th.  The book will consist of original photographs, poetry and digitally displayed artwork themed around the concept of love.


Love Ebook

The book is free, but I encourage you to make a donation of any size, as the proceeds will benefit Dress for Success and Career Gear. 

This is something of a shameless plug, also, as I have submitted an original poem to be included in the book...the first time since high school that I have published my poetry.  She is accepting submissions until January 31st, if you have something to share.

So, whether you go out of curiosity to discover if I can write more than blogs, or you go because you need a good Valentine's gift, or you go because of generosity of spirit and checkbook: be sure to go to @writingroads website to be involved!


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