I’ll have my coffee with cream, sugar, and… Lingerie???

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This post is about a very interesting trend we’ve been experiencing here in Everett, WA. I’d never have thought that lingerie and coffee would go together, but it’s spreading like wildfire out here. I literally pass 3 of these bikini barista joints on my way to work every day.

Now far be it from me to complain about seeing a girl in a bikini (or less), but I just didn’t expect to see that while grabbing my morning coffee. If you can’t tell, there is a bit of a background story here, so allow me to take you all on a little trip with me to a coffee stand not too far from my house… ‘Twas a few weeks back, and a very sleepy/groggy/partially hungover Dominique was driving to work at 0645 (yes, I’m in the military, that’s how we tell time) one foggy/bitterly cold and dismal Monday morning. I pulled up to one of the hundreds of coffee stands that are sprouting like weeds in and around my city (as if we didn’t already have a Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, and Tully’s on every other block). Now, I drive a Honda Civic which is a pretty “low to the ground” type O’ vehicle. So, imagine my surprise when I got up to the window of said coffee stand and saw the barista standing there, gasp… Naked!! Or at least that’s what it looked like from my viewpoint. Perhaps if I had me an Escalade, I might have had a different sort of initial reaction, but I had to look up at the window from where I was sitting, and couldn’t see that there were actually a pair of “pasties” involved (if you don’t know what pasties are, check Google...). Also, unlike sunny states like California and Florida, it’s about 35-40 degrees here in Everett, Washington so it’s not very often you see someone without a jacket or at least a long sleeved shirt on. I thought she was wearing nothing at all. Which wasn’t too far from the truth… But that’s what made decide to make this post.

I had noticed a few of these stands popping up around my city, but it wasn’t until I found myself at one that I really gave it much thought. So, I took a little trip on Saturday to see just how many of them there are near my house and by the base, and even took a few pictures so you guys can get a feel for what I’m talking about. So, here’s what I found during my trip:

Cowgirls Espresso (GiddyUP!):

There are 2 of these near me. The pictures that I took, though, came out a bit fuzzy so I grabbed a couple off the Internet.


Apparently they do different themed days. Military Monday, School Girl Thursday, Fantasy Friday, etc, etc… You can find out more on their website, if you are so inclined: www.cowgirlsespresso.com

The following 2 stands are within a few blocks of each other and are both right across the street from our local neighborhood Walmart:


Notice the “Pasties” reference. And what, pray tell, do they mean by Java “Juggs"?


Here’s the Bikini Hut… Clean coffee fun for the whole family.


Next up: XOXO Espresso… A pioneer in the scantily clad barista market… They are promoting their Daisy Dukes garb in this picture (they do Fantasy Fridays too, just like Cowgirls):



And last, but definitely not least, T-n-A Latte… Don’t you just LOVE these names? Now to be fair to T-n-A Latte, they do have some fine print on their signage… If you look below the big “T-n-A Latte,” you’ll see the words “Tasteful n Appropriate” (it’s small, but it’s there). I have actually gone to this one (it’s right across from the Navy Base), and the girl who served my coffee for me was actually fully dressed (and very cute). So, T-n-A Latte only really falls into this category because of the wordplay used in their name.



Now, all of these coffee places are within 1 mile of either my house or my job. So, that leads me to believe that there are a LOT more of them out there that I just haven’t seen yet. I suppose what I’m really wondering is whether this new trend in coffee has stayed local here in the Seattle area (Everett is about 25-30 minutes north of Seattle) or whether the concept has spread elsewhere.  Do you have any of these "bikini huts" where you live?


Also, I’m wondering what you guys think of this new “fad”? For? Against? Reasons? Thoughts? Opinions? Do you think it’s demeaning to the young women working there, or just creative marketing for coffee vendors… Are there any sanitary ramifications to this? What about safety?? It sure would suck to spill a cup of hot coffee on yourself if all you are wearing is a pair of pasties and a bikini bottom… Also, I haven’t seen the “male” equivalent of this concept… Could this be somewhat sexist? I’m not saying how I feel on any of these issues (not yet, at least), but I would like to hear what you think. Also, feel free to bring up any other thoughts you may have on the subject…







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Elizabeth Bolton
RE/MAX Destiny Real Estate Cambridge, MA - Cambridge, MA
Cambridge MA Realtor

You have got to be kidding me! I kept thinking that this couldn't be real and that I would see that you had filed it in Humor or something.  Decline and Fall is all I can say. 

Sure you don't have to get your coffee there but you have to drive by it and I think it's appalling in so many ways.  A trend I hope doesn't move East like so many tend to do.  I'm hoping that this kind of insanity leads to Feminism 3.0 but it isn't happening yet.  The pendulum swings the other way eventually. 

Actually in a side note - this reminds me of the movie Idiocracy which I highly recommend - it is hilarious in an all too realistic view of the future sort of way.  Thanks for posting this with all your pictures - gotta see it to believe it!!


Jan 26, 2009 12:19 PM #8
Ilyce Glink
Think Glink Media - Chicago, IL
Best-selling author, award-winning TV/radio host.

I've never seen anything like this around here! Then again, Chicago is a bit chilly for this kind of thing. What a marketing strategy....

Jan 26, 2009 12:46 PM #9
Dominique Ramirez
Domus Innovations, LLC - Everett, WA

@Karyn Smith:  Yes, a very unique way of attracting business; though, perhaps somewhat lacking in tact...


@Jason Carver:  I suppose not...  ;-)


@ Tim and Pam:  I hope you enjoy your coffee...  and your pasties...  I can't say that it will taste as good as it looks...


@Patrick Johnson:  Yep, yep...  I'm nearby.  You and I are practically neighbors...  ;-)  We should do lunch!!  Or perhaps a cup of...  ummm...  Coffee??


@Eliabeth Bolton:  I think I'll have to look that movie up!  Funny...  Nobody seems to believe it until they actually see all the pics...


@Ilyce Glink:  Yeah, Chicago's definitely pretty chilly...  I went to Boot Camp (ermm Basic Training) in Great Lakes, Illinois, and I remember how cold it got over there.  Brrrr...  But then, it's not exactly the pinnacle of warmth here in Everett, WA either...  So you never know... 


Thanks for all the responses!!  Anyone else care to chime in??




Jan 26, 2009 01:19 PM #10
Suzanne Gallegos
Equity Real Estate - Advantage - Salt Lake City, UT
Realtor - Salt Lake City, Utah Homes

Are you kiddng me? Those two little blonde girls don't look a minute over 14....where are their parents!

Jan 26, 2009 02:35 PM #11
Susan Funk
Keller Williams Realty Everett - Everett, WA

LOL! I'm sure the guys love em.  Beats paying cover for a nudie place and they actually get a "wake me up" product.  Of course, no lap dance pshaw! But I'm sure if you make a complicated order, you might be at the window for longer.

Now, there's been a story or two about the girls getting either robbed or attacked...I think the girls were able to use hot water to save their fannies but the same hot water might scorch that pretty delicate skin...and I don't think it's nice to think of those pretty things all scarred up with burn marks do you?

I would appreciate it if there was a BIG GIANT rating on the stand so a parent with kids or other people who might be offended can avoid it.  Or perhaps realtors with clients...might be distasteful ya think?

So my parting shot is If you play with hot water, you might get scorched...otherwise it's America and it's all about choices.

Jan 26, 2009 02:48 PM #12
Dominique Ramirez
Domus Innovations, LLC - Everett, WA

@Susan Funk:  Wow...  I didn't realize there was such a security risk involved...  But then, those little shacks don't offer a whole lot of protection, do they?  Do you think there may be a market for some sort of Bikini Hut Bouncer service?


@Suzanne Gallegos:  Looks may be decieving...  :-/

Jan 26, 2009 03:08 PM #13
Richard Weeks
Dallas, TX
REALTOR®, Broker


Great stuff, and thanks for sharing.  Do you know if any of them sell franchises.  I think this would do well in Dallas.

Jan 26, 2009 08:32 PM #14
David Width Jr.
Little Egg Harbor, NJ

I do not have one of the in southern NJ, but I would not be obliged to having on either.

Jan 27, 2009 01:01 AM #15
Dominique Ramirez
Domus Innovations, LLC - Everett, WA

@Richard Weeks:  I do not know if they are selling franchises yet, but I have heard talk of it.


@David Width:  None in South Jersy, got it...  Thanks!!!


Anyone else??




Jan 27, 2009 06:30 AM #16
Kayla Pearce
First Class Properties - Milford, DE
Real Estate Agent - Milford Delaware

Dominique- Wow, seriously dont see that everyday.... BUT YOU DO! We dont have anything like that over here on the east coast, & Im sorta hoping we don't!

Jan 28, 2009 01:49 AM #17

I go to TNA all the time, the owner is a very nice young woman.  I have heard that the pastie places have even be busted for prostitution a few times though I have no evidence to support it word is that the Everett police even have a sting squad for them.  I have found myself at one of these once or twice and I can say the view was nice but the coffee was awful.  TNA being the exception as the coffee I get there is always good if not great and I would say that is a testament to the owner for not following this trend of coochie and coffee instead sticking to quality product and service.  I for one am a man who loves women but doesn't like the naked coffee places, if I want to see boobies that bad I will go to a strip club not a coffee house.

Jul 03, 2009 08:35 PM #18
There have been bikini coffee in Anchorage for a number of years but the pasties were on the top of the cup
Jul 07, 2011 11:35 AM #24
Liam Cole


Jul 11, 2011 04:06 AM #25

I have worked for Cowgirls Espresso, it's honestly not that bad of an idea.

BTW, the owner does franchises. Go to cowgirlsespressonw.com and there's info on there about it. :)

I'm also almost 20 and don't look much older than 16. I've seen people come through little kids all the time, and they know how we're dressed. You can usually see if you drive by how the girls are dressed.


Just thought I'd put my two cents in ;)

Jul 15, 2011 08:16 AM #26
Ben Theer

Great idea for the Vagas STRIP!

Jul 29, 2011 04:20 AM #27
new to the area

I am fairly new to the Tacoma area. I am origionally from Colorado and did not have these type of stands in the area I lived in. It also amazes me just how many of them are out here. At first I thought that this was a strange idea. Then i learned a little bit about the history of these stands. For those of you who do not know this did start in Seattle at a cowgirls coffee. It was the middle of summer and they had two girls working in one the stands. Some of the girls aproached the owner and asked if they could wear bikini tops as a mean to combat the heat. The owner checked with local government about permiting regulations and if this broke any laws. Local government gave her the green light and said that it was a great way to stand out in a saturated market. Perhaps if they had known the end result they may have said something different.

I for one am a fan of these stands. That may be because I like anything the pushes the boundaries of socail norms and makes people uncomfortable. These stands acomplish that. That being said I am fairly picky because if the coffee sucks then don't care what the girls is wearing I am not coming back. 

  As far as the stands that allow the girls to wear pasties, I just wonder when it became acceptable for a woman to wear that kind of thing in a public setting. I also tend to wonder how frequently these girls burn themselves with hot coffee. So I say as long as they serve good coffee and do not engage in illegal activities then I hope they continue to operate and spread.

Oct 29, 2011 02:05 PM #28
jack sparrow

hi As far as the stands that allow the girls to wear pasties on the big island of hawaii no . bikini huts yes . names that implied what you can get or see no. topless cold beer on the beach yes  !! free pot at coffee stands yes its legal here if you register and get a state card. just cant sell it legally  best customers after dark are the cops on and off duty. the small bikini huts offer free donuts to all for happy hrs. 7pm till 10pm to talk about what cops say or do at all beat-down or ( fill in )..... asked customer number 1 reason going to a bikini huts to get an appetite before going home to reality have fun aloooooha


Nov 27, 2011 04:26 PM #29

I would need to go undercovers to check out the two blondes & while I was investigating those two the two others above their photo well just as well check them out as well.

Jan 02, 2012 08:05 PM #30
Taz Johnson

Places like this are all over now.  I don't see the harm in it as long as they keep it legal.  There is even a website for them now called bareista  (get it bare+ista) at www.bareista.com.  Mostly lists bikini barista stands and the like, but also seems to classified ans stuff.  Have a double latte for me.



Jun 04, 2012 07:46 AM #31

This is what the baristas where here in Lakewood, Tacoma, Puyallup and pretty much everywhere in WA.

I say you should just leave that in the strip clubs at least they are not visible to anyone under 18 years of age. With coffee drinks named "Sex on your face." Really these coffee stands should have strict regulations such as the owner must have an adult entertainment license as well as the girls, regulations where they are not within 4 miles of a school, church, or housing. Should be located in a business sector.


Aug 10, 2012 04:31 AM #32
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