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Home auction may bring Hope to Portland, Or

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 Home owners and builders are coming up with new and creative ways to sell properties in Portland. Some builders have given away cars with the purchase of a home. Some sellers are simply dropping the price over and over. The Real Estate market in Portland is flooded with foreclosures. Homes are standing on the market for longer and longer. Realtors are not even getting calls on homes priced well below market. Now for the good news... There is HOPE. The MNM Home Team are paving the way for a creative solution to the housing crisis in the Portland Metro area. WWW.PORTLANDhomeAUCTION.com is being developed to address the need of people in the area that need an alternative solution to other tactics that simply don't work in this market. Does that mean home owners are doing something wrong? No... Not at all. Things have changed. That's all. It's a buyers market. Every One that's selling is doing the same thing. It's not wrong. It's just the same. With less and less buyers, the trick is to be creative. Get buyers through the home. If your not getting showings, or offers (even low ones), then something has to change. See if your home qualifies for a home auction. It's simple. All you do is go to: www.PORTLANDhomeAUCTION.COM and email one of the agents. Everything thing is confidential and there isn't any obligation to sign up.

Take care Friends and let's make change!


Aaron Majors