The Banana Belt of Idaho

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One of the oddities of this region is that you can have a 10-15 degree temperature swing just by driving from Moscow, ID to Lewiston, ID.  They are, quite literally, different micro-climates.

For those that think that the difference in temperature is important, try running in it.  I'll be heading out the door in the next hour or so.  The weather just outside my door is 26 degrees - cold by our standards.

Moscow is 10 degrees. 

The difference for runners or any outdoor athlete is tremendous.  Not only can I breathe better down here but I don't have to wear nearly as many layers.  Add in the diminished wind (Moscow is frequently blustery) and this is just a more hospitable environment.  And no snow on the ground means that I don't have to worry about falling.  One of my friends in Moscow slipped on ice several weeks back - ended up with a concussion that took days to clear.

If I want to play in the snow (and I often do), I like driving to it rather than living in it.


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Mary Lou Hirst

From the banana belt of Riggins, Id - check out the Idaho Banana Co.!  We've got dirt with no snow!

Feb 26, 2011 05:25 AM