Hiring an specialist is still the best value

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Corporations know that especially In a tight economy working with experienced specialists still makes sense and delivers the best overall value. Most companies do not have the cash to support costly delays and errors as a result of inexperience, nor can they afford to wait to get it right the next time. Some companies try to control costs by doing it all themselves or hiring someone who is dirt cheap which often results in costing far more in the long run then just hiring a specialist to begin with.

The same is true for homeowners. Hiring a specialist to sell their home will provide them the best overall value. But too many home owners fail to look at the whole picture. They think there is 6% to work with to sell their home and come out even with what it would have been had they hired a realtor.  The fact of the mater is that if they sell their home the first weekend it was underpriced, probably by more than 6% and second if it does not sell for a long time the added payments,  insurance, maintenance and taxes will eat up more than hiring a realtor to start with. Additionally, there are many other issues that FSBOs run into that could have been avoided by hiring a specialist including pricing, marketing and access to the realtor network. 

As a realtor you need to clearly demonstrate your expertise to the home seller and lay out the whole picture to them as to what they are in for if they try to sell it themselves. Home owners need to understand that what is more costly than hiring a specialist, is not hiring a specialist.

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John Rocco
Pillar To Post Home Inspection - Milwaukee, WI

I agree 100%.

Jan 26, 2009 01:19 PM