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What now? Can you brighten someone’s day?

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After what is now called "bloody Monday" (what a horrible name) even more tragic than the name is the actual is the loss of over 70,000 jobs yesterday.  The media sure makes it hard to feel good about being an American. 

I would like to challenge the Media (TV, print, radio...etc) for one day, a consecutive 24 hours, to get the word out about ONLY GOOD NEWS!  I know that scandals and misery love company, and tragedy sells air time, but this economy needs is positive affirmations and reinforcement...NOT more bad news.  I'm really bothered by the loss of the jobs and the downturn in the economy, but we have to remain positive.  We Americans live in the best place in the world.

Seriously...Come on!  Let's pass on what is great about being an American.  We have selection to choose what foods we buy at the grocery store, what clothes we wear, we have more cool gadgets in our homes than we deserve, we have freedom of religion, freedom to an education, freedom to love one another, freedom to walk our dog, freedom to confide and be intimate with our families and friends, freedom to thank those that have helped us, freedom to help others in need. 

I'm thankful I can write my thoughts on this economy without being penalized.  I'm thankful that I have collegues, clients, friends, and family that send me business. 

There is actually more good news than bad news...people are helping each other, people are in great relationships, people are cutting back on the unnecessary spending and getting back to basics.  Have you let that special someone (spouse, child, friend, client...etc) know you are thankful for them and that life wouldn't be the same without them? 

Take the time to lift someones spirits today...let them know that the world is not coming to an end, but if it is...you really care about them.  If someone has done what they were suppose to do or more...give them the affirmation that they have done a "good job".  Even if it is only that your child picked up his/her socks off the floor without you asking them...we all need affirmation. 

I challenge you to let me know how your affirming someone else has brought affirmation to you for doing a "good job" at spreading good news and thankfulness.

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