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As a Realtor, I'm used to navigating difficult properties...trudging through mud, weeds, jungle-like overgrowth...but the absolute WORST is the snow and ice.  And it's just not bad for ME, it's bad for YOU if your home in Northeastern PA is on the market.

Winter isn't normally the easiest time to sell a house anyhow...that being said, if you don't bother to keep up with snow and ice removal during the winter season, WOW.  Here in the Lake Wallenpaupack area, winter precipitation amounts vary greatly from year to year.  Some years we don't see a good snow until February, other years it starts in early November and it doesn't stop until March.  Yikes!

No matter the weather, if your home here in Pike or Wayne county is for sale during the winter months, YOU NEED TO GET RID OF THE SNOW AND ICE AS IT HAPPENS.  If it's your primary home this should be simple, since you need to get in and out daily....though you'd be shocked at how many folks just make a path and don't bother to use salt.  If your secondary home is on the Wayne/Pike MLS, you may not use it at all during the winter season, but you MUST come up after a snowfall and get that stuff GONE or hire someone to do it for you.

What should you clear exactly?  EVERYTHING!  The driveway should be completely clean and down to the pavement or rocks if at all possible...if not, SAND IT.  Your walkways should be clear and free of snow and ice...yes, CLEAR.  Same with your steps and porches...every bit, clean and clear.  Quick Joe is a great product, and there are many other de-icers and salts out there.  If you can't get rid of all the snow and ice, then make sure you sand so there is plenty of traction.

And remember, this isn't just so buyers will be able to see things like the deck and the yard (yep, you should shovel a path there, too!).  And it's not just so the Realtors that show your home won't ruin their's TO MAKE SURE ANYONE VISITING YOUR PROPERTY DOESN'T GET HURT.  You're still the owner and are responsible if anyone sustains an injury...and this is an easily preventable problem.

No buyer wants to go house hunting and discover that they have to walk through six inches of snow or traverse a driveway and steps that resemble a skating rink just to get inside...they'll automatically assume that they will have to contend with this EVERY WINTER, and that can be a deal breaker. 

By the way...we're expecting ANOTHER 6-10 inches tonight and tomorrow here in the Lake Wallenpaupack area, so get ready!

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