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Having trouble procuring new buyer clientele? is quickly becoming the primary tool by which agents are attracting new buyer prospects. And it's totally cost and commitment free! 

BuyerHunt gives a limited number of agents in each city the opportunity to offer buyers something they can't get on their own.... the chance to see homes first, before any other buyer, and often before they hit the market.

Stop wasting precious marketing dollars on the same old adage of "buy with me because I'm better". Use a message that will attract new buyers at every turn, and will your Open Houses worthwhile again. {Start posturing yourself as one of the few Valley agents who can offer buyers this rare opportunity.} is the nation's only MLS of Homebuyers. It gives prospective sellers immediate on-line access to profiles detailing the homebuying wants and needs of active homebuyers, posted by you (no personal contact info of your buyer is posted, your contact info is attached to all profiles posted by you). If a prospective seller searches the site and sees a profile you posted, they can contact you immediately.

It's win-win-win! Attract new buyers with an effective new message, and post their profiles to attract hot, new, unlisted seller leads!   Become a market leader!

Check it out at Search in your area to see if any agents are currently using the site. If not, that's great for you! Be the only agent with the ability to offer new buyers and sellers this exciting opportunity and start dominating your market. Simply use the contact form to get signed up, and we'll email you our exclusive Buyer Procurement card for use at your next Open House.

I posted a buyer profile two weeks ago. An unlisted seller saw it and called me. My buyer loved the home and I wrote a contract that day earning a $96,000 commission. I'm a member for life.               

                                                                                        - Shane A., Realtor

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