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Planning and maybe zoning is in the air in Missouri.....

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Our little village of the Kingdom of Callaway is one of about 80 in the state of Missouri who still have no planning and no zoning requirements outside city limits. "Ahhhh sweet freedom" you say? Hmmm.... actually such a subject brings folks out of the woodwork from two different uhhh 'mills'.

Today, with no planning and no zoning the property buyers who want to buy unrestricted land are happy clams.

Today, with no planning and no zoning the local, independent farmers, while enjoying the wind in their faces, are getting bugs in their teeth from a smile they just can't wipe off.

Both entities want no zoning. Both entities want no restrictions placed on the land. Both entities are on opposite ends of the tug-a-war rope!

It seems that the very things the incoming 'happy-no-zoning' buyers are wanting to do with this precious land are precisely what our deep-rooted farmers want to avoid! 

Our community is in the midst of a growth explosion. (www.fultonmo.com - look it up!) We are situated in a prime geographic, econimic position. Poised.......Sorry.... almost morphed into REALTOR mode.... ok, back on track.... the city of Fulton had a meeting last evening to discuss an opportunity we have to review and possibly revise a statute of value. Age old statutes are still in place that allow plans to be made for us, not with us. Change is inevitable. Growth potential is gi-normous. WE GOTTA set a plan in place to control how we, where we, when we will to grow!

The charm of Fulton is the people of course, but it is also the land. The topography. The trees. The waterways. The pastures. The forests. The conservation areas, the naturally occuring wildlife. You see, the people of our communityARE who we are because of what surroundings we are nestled into.

We don't want to lose that. If we DON'T get involved in the planning and preparing we just might.  

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I believe that the separation of residential, commercial, and industrial space into separate pockets of land is going to be somehow modified. Many people want to live, work, and play in the same location. We see more and more communities in L.A. where people can work and live. 

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