Restaurant Review: IndoMunch

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Chinese Indian Fusion-Confusion Reigns

O.K., I am a sucker for any new cuisine. Tell me about a restaurant that features a cooking from a country, that I never heard about and I am there.

According to Indomunch "Indian Chinese Cuisine is the adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes. It is widespread in certain localities in India, and is also enjoyed by people in Malaysia, Singapore and North America."

I was hooked!!!

IndoMunch is a very pleasant looking small and clean restaurant at 182 Lexington Avenue, near 32 Street, NY, NY. The food was fresh and the portions adequate, but what was missing is taste. I expected the "Prawn Munch Special", to beshrimp cooked in a Chinese style with curry, to have a curry taste, but I was sadly disappointed. There was no heat and very little curry. The "Lamb in String Bean" was cooked with a black bean sauce and there were black beans in the dish, but none of saltiness and distinctive flavor of black beans. You could get a side dish of rice (basmati) or hakka noodles, a nice touch.

Chinese and Indian cuisines are known for their great unique tastes, but this restaurant could not make up its mind and got confusion, not fusion. In general, the preparation was not amateurish, the ambiance pretty, the service o.k. but the food had no soul.

The cost for two complete meals, about $70 with an automatic 20% tip.

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