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Up early today, throwing together another Slow Cooker meal that will simmer during the day, while I am at my office in Falmouth MA, where I List and Sell Real Estate. ( I would be thankful for 30 degree weather, and maybe the snow expected soon will head somewhere else. I am always optimistic.

I admit that January has been a mixed bag with many more inquiries by those who are considering selling than those actually buying, but everyone in my office has been showing property and had some busy weekends.

Shortly I will begin to hold seminars for those who might be mired in debt, and are being held back from buying a home due to some unwise past decisions. The long-term goal is to demonstrate that most are able to pay off their debts without any extra income, and then they can begin working toward the goal of home ownership. Once a spending plan is established we can target a date certain, when one might be in the position to own. While Mortgage Interest paid, continues to be a tax-deductible gift from the government, while there is a $7,500 tax incentive for First Time Home Buyers, and Interest Rates hover around 5%, clearing out debt is paramount for the future and that includes those not wanting to buy real estate.

Foreclosures continue to increase inventory, and for those in stable financial situations, there are many opportunities. Foreclosures may be more specifically addressed in future Congressional Economic Recovery legislation, and it is widely known that housing which makes up somewhere around 24% of the GDP, is central in keeping our economic engine running.

One cannot paint the housing market with a broad brush, and here on Cape Cod, although we have had a reduction in average prices and volume sold, we continue to be a stable marketplace, mostly due to our location on the Edge of America, the ease to commute to large cities like Boston and New York, but still maintain a small town life style.

It is my job as a Realtor® to provide service, clearly presenting options to my Sellers and Buyers, so they can meet their goals. If I can assist you in reaching your goals, contact me at



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