Are home becoming too large?

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Are you frustrated with the size of your home? You're not alone. But instead of feeling cramped, a growing number of Americans are finding they have more home than they want or need. The reasons are numerous. Baby boomers, 77 million strong, are looking to downsize in retirement. Young home buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to afford or maintain larger homes. Urban land is at a premium. Smaller homes in desirable neighborhoods are scarce or outlawed by covenant. And environmental concerns about a residence's "carbon footprint" have further dampened enthusiasm for spacious showpieces. That doesn't necessarily mean that smaller times are ahead for everyone. For growing families, some investors, the wealthy or homeowners who just want the room, bigger will most likely continue to be better. But for homeowners who no longer wish to pay taxes, utilities and insurance on rooms they never use, or who simply find a smaller home more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, the small-house movement is quietly reinventing the U.S. scale of living.

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Paul McDuell
Realty Benefit - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I think you are on to something here. I live in a 3200 sq.ft. home with is considered large by southern California standard. We like having a big home, but once the kids are grown and out, it's hard to justify. 

Jan 28, 2009 01:58 AM