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In the past week I have received a commonly asked question and I want to share my response with you.

I’m getting ready to close on my first home and wanted to know what actually happens at the “closing” and do I need to bring anything with me?

The closing is basically a meeting at which time all remaining documents relating to the sale are signed. The deed is transferred from seller to buyer, title insurance is paid, and the mortgage papers are signed by the buyer.

Things that you absolutely need to bring with you include:


  • All paperwork that was requested by the lender.


  • The insurance binder and a paid receipt for one year of Homeowner’s Insurance on the property.


  • A personal or cashier’s check in the amount to cover the closing costs - usually the amount on the Good Faith Estimate.


  • Picture Identification

    If you have any questions about the closing process or real estate in general please give me a call.

    Have a Great Day!

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