Takeaways that aren't taken...why do we even bother?

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How many times have you handed out flyers, programs, or informational brochures only to find them sitting on chairs, placed on tables, or falling out of waist baskets shortly thereafter?  The hazard is real.  I hosted an event last week with almost 100 attendees.  After making my rounds, speaking with each person, and thanking them for their attendence, I noticed that one of them was passing out 8.5x11 sheets of paper that had beautifully printed in full color with an advertisement for another local event.  The event looked fantastic and I decided that I would not only attend, but help promote it.  So, to that end, her strategy worked.  At the end of the night, however, the advertisements were laying around the rooms, folded or crumpled.  I've been told since then that people didn't really know what to do with the papar.  Do you take it home?  Put it on your refrigerator?  Do you fold it?  Stuff it in your pocket and hope that you find it before you do laundry or drop your trousers off at the dry cleaners?  Most of us don't carry folders with us.  Most of us don't want our pockets full of stuff that we aren't sure we'll ever look at again.  And, in reality, most of us need more than a single point of contact before we decide that we want to be a part of any event.  Where is that second point of contact?  Where is the reminder that would come from reading the advertisement again?  If you've chosen to keep the flyer intact and place it under a magnet on your refrigerator, congratulations, you've done more than most people will.  What the average person needs is a "takeaway" that is easy to take away. 

These are the rules of the road.  There are two kinds of people that you will encounter.  One person will be too thick headed to be reached by any sort of marketing and the other will be so willing that they can be sold on anything, including your current campeign.  Neither of these characters are your target audiance.  You cannot gain business from either of them.  So who is your audiance and how will you reach them? 

Allow me to guide you through this thicket and help your vision become a reality.  I have takeaways that are taken and reviewed.  I have systems for focusing your efforts into laser-effective campeigns. 


I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you.



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