REO Wholesale Investor Offering 55-60% ARV

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REO Wholesale Investor Offering 55-60% ARV

We are looking for serious real estate investor rehabbers or buyers to wholesale properties to from one our existing client's who is purchasing REO packages of SFRs, 2 to 4 Plexs, & Condos directly from banks and buliders locally. Properties are available in the Austin and San Antonio markets.

  • Purchase Wholesale Prices will be $75-95K per property.
  • Rehab/Construction Budgets will average $35-85K per property.
  • All properties will be offered at 55-60% with ARVs ranging from $250-375K+ retail

This opportunity is first come first serve. We are limiting the list to 30 pre-approved Investors and closing the list at our client's request at that time. This is to provide the pre-approved investors with no competition to purchase. This is also to ensure availability of inventory since our client's packages will range in size from 5 to 50 at a time as he is purchasing for his own portfolio.

Phase I

To add your name to the investor waiting list you must:

  1. Sign a general letter of intent to purchase.
  2. Provide pre-approval or proof of funds from a solid funding source or cash.
  3. Show ability to refinance to permanent financing if rehab/construction needed.
  4. No earnest money deposit is required at this time.

Phase II

  1. A Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure (NCND) will be required.
  2. Available properties will be released to the the Investor waiting list.
  3. $2500 Earnest Money deposit will be required per property to secure.
  4. Again, the Investor must have pre-approval or proof of funds from a solid funding source or cash.

Phase III

Investor closes on property contract(s) and is immediately placed back at the top of the list  for the next round of opportunities. We repeat the above process.

We can also assist with rehab financing if needed.

  • 100% up to 70% of After Repair Value (ARV)
  • 6 month loan/No payments
  • 640+ mid FICO required, Low/Full Doc - Partners allowed
  • 10-15% Interest
  • 6 Points
  • No Prepayment Penalties

Interested investors are encouraged to pre-qualify online at: using the online form at

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