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Colors that Sell

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I've often heard that certain colors subconsciously effect our moods.  For instance red and yellow can make one feel hungry (hence McDonald's color scheme) and blue has a calming effect.  But which colors are best for painting rooms?

There are 3 basic classifications of colors: active, passive and neutral.  Lighter colors make rooms feel larger, brighter, and more airy.  Darker colors can make a room feel cozy, warm, or even trendy.  Let's examine some common colors and their associated feelings:

Red- Nothing stands out like a red wall!  Red is a great color for increasing excitement; in fact, it has been proven to increase heart and respiration rates.  Red can make a great, bold, first impression for an entry or even stimulate conversation in a dining room.  Be careful, however, not to paint a shade of red that is too dark.  Very deep reds can cause people to feel irritable.  Red is definitely not for the faint hearted!

Yellow- Although often used in baby rooms, yellow may actually cause babies to cry more!  Yellow seems to be a cheery color but can create feelings of anger or frustration.  This color could be used to accent a wall, but it's not recommend for an all-over color.

Blue- In the case of wall colors, blue may be the opposite of red.  Blue slows the heart rate and respiration rate and has a calming effect.  You may notice that spas are often painted blue.  Blue is a great color for bathrooms or bedrooms.  Just be careful not to make the blue too dark.  Dark blue colors may evoke feelings of sadness.

Green- The new "in" color.  Green may be suitable for any room and promotes relaxation.  This may be because green is the easiest color on the eye.  Just make sure the green's undertones are more on sage or blue-green side instead of the yellow-green side.  Recent studies say that buyers may be more likely to buy a home with green walls.  Subjects were exposed to a full spectrum of colors, but the subjects exposed to green were in the best moods.

Purple- Light purple is a wonderful shade for children's rooms.  Purple promotes creativity and imagination.  Dark purple may be a great accent wall color.  It looks amazing against white trim and has very rich and sophisticated feel.

Orange- What kind of Hokie doesn't like orange?  Orange boosts energy and excitement but can also lead to cautious feelings.  Orange is a great color for a workout room.  It'll really get the energy pumping!

Happy Painting!