I was contacted by scam artist

Real Estate Agent with AVALAR Pro Realty

This is something everyone needs to read. Tonight I was watching the news and a strange number came across my screen. It was help now modification. The gentlemen on the phone had received my number from a fellow Realtor. He gave me his pitch about how he could lower my interest rate to 5.125 for a thirty year fixed no closing cost no credit check. WOW!!!!! Here is the kicker all you have to do is send us 1500.........( Lightbulb) There is a company called HOPENOW that helps people for free. And what's your name again..... www.hopenowmod.com...... Wow these companies are popping up everywhere. Please let the consumer know if they are calling you at 530 in the afternoon wanting 1500 to do something that any any foreclosure letter it has on there www.hopenow.com  will do for free they are scam artist. Most of these people are just looking for people that are behind and need help and they take advantage of them. Look at how close the name and web site is..... SAD There is a special place for people who try to get over on people.

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