The Perpetual "Rhythm" Required to be a Real Estate Agent.

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Many of you know that I am a drummer. Have been since the age of 10 (I'm 33 now.) I play as much as my schedule wife allows me to, which equates to about once a week. It is more than a passion for me, more like an addiction. In the past, I tried the whole "rock star" thing...driving up and down the road to play bars all around the Southeast. Met, opened up for, and even played with some of my musical heroes. And it was worth it. Glad I did it. Wouldn't have done it differently if I had to do it over again. But I digress.

From being a drummer, even when I'm not on stage, nor thinking, or dreaming of being on stage, I still have that "rhythm." It flows through me. I don't mean I walk around and beat box all day or drum on every surface I touch. (Wait a minute. I DO drum on everything.) That's not what I mean. I mean that my day runs smoothly when I stay on course, when I stick to the routine, or (forgive me if you will) get into a "rhythm."

Emailing, blogging, taking pictures of properties, previewing properties, sending handwritten letters, calling exprieds, calling FSBOS... to me it's all rhythmic. And, like playing with a band, if you lose the rhythm, the day falls apart just like a song would with the beat not staying on tempo. Sometimes I rush the beat, try to go too fast, and forget to call someone back or take the earnest money check to the closing. Oops! Other times I'll drag the tempo, or go too slow, and not get everthing done that I need to, like staying in contact with sellers, or having the time to stay in touch with my sphere of influence for referrals.

I'm sure not many agents out there are drummers, so it's doubtful that they've thought about their daily or weekly routine as a drum beat. But to me, that's what it takes to keep me successful...rhythm.

 Jay Knorr on the drums!

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Dean Moss
Dean's Team - Keller Williams Realty Partners Chicago IL - Chicago, IL
Dean's Team Chicago IL Real Estate Team

Jay -

You've got the rhythym, Jay - and you have to have this rhythym - or, a system, anyway, to succeed in RE.  Great discipline!

Funny drummer story.  My dad was a drummer in high school, way back in the 1940's.  Played in the Army Air Corps Band during WWII.  It was his dream that his oldest son would be a drummer, and achieve the success that he never did drumming, perhaps due to the interruption of the war.

When I was a kid, he taught me the drums, first on a little drum pad, then on a small drum set.  He even taught me a little Xylaphone (sp?).  But it never took!  Had an argument with him.


I wanted to hold my left stick like Ringo Starr, rock-and-roll style.  We wanted me to hold it jazz style, between the fingers of my left hand.  As a kid, that was just too painful for me!

So I hung it up, but my older cousin Steven had the patience, and began his lessons from my dad.  Today he is a dentist in Southern Wisconsin, but still sits in with many of the prominent Blues Players from Chicago from time to time - most recently, in Buddy Guy's band when he was up his way.

The coolest thing, about 10 years ago - when he, and his son - did drum solo together.  It was that classic heavy metal solo by Iron Butterfly, "Ina Gadda Da Vida."  You remember the song?

Keep the beat!


Jan 28, 2009 03:27 PM