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After reading the top 6 fads that are "out" according to consumer surveys at the international home builders show in Las Vegas I thought I would give some insight on what buyers want in their newest Clovis Home.

1. Color - Nothing crazy but white walls are "out" in Clovis. Most builders are going with an eggshell sheen tan for the entire house. Flat finishes were in for a while but homeowners have found them hard to keep clean. Home sellers are painting neutral earthtones and adding splashes of color with curtains and furnishings.

2. Green Building - Eco-friendly building practices win applause from local home buyers. Energy saving features such as SIPS construction, alternative heating/cooling and less wasted space make home buyers happy. Renewable resources like bamboo flooring, glass countertops, and reclaimed materials add interest and unique features that home buyers love.

3. Fireplaces - For a while builders thought electric fireplaces were the thing and you can find them in a lot of Clovis homes built since 2000 but I have rarely found an electric fireplace that warmed home buyers hearts. Builders in Clovis need to remember to Keep it Real. A wood burning fireplace will never go out of style no matter what the Realtor magazine says.

4. Natural Materials - Keeping it real extends to the rest of the finish work in the house. Real engineered hardwood flooring is very popular and Pergo type laminate while inexpensive and better than carpet - I think will fade away. Other natural materials like granite, stone, and old Chicago brick seem to endure.

5. Less is More - Because most of our home buyers are on a budget a really great 1600 sq ft floorplan will always sell fast. The days of the 2900 sq ft homes with formal spaces are becoming less popular and buyers instead are choosing homes with more actual living areas, larger kitchens and open floorplans - but not too open. Parents still want to get away from the kids at times. 20 ft ceilings are also being thought twice about because of the high energy costs associated with heating all that air up there.

6. Bigger bedrooms - The most common complaint I hear about newer homes is that they have tiny bedrooms. Generous bedrooms and a wise use of space while still giving enough storage space creates the best mix buyers are looking for.

7. Versatility -Buyers don't like nooks in their living rooms. They want big open walls that offer choices about where to put the furniture. The dont want to have to put the tv in a certain spot so the little built in boxes are out. 

8. Extras - My buyers still love the extras and can tell when builders or remodelers took the cheap way out. Think about adding some nice touches such as under cabinet lighting, nicer bathroom fixtures, and touches here and there that say you went to some expense to make this house a home.

Clovis is different than other small towns. It is growing rapidly because of our Air Force base and we see a different buyer than most New Mexico cities. Our buyers have come from more metropolitan areas and expect more than just the same way things have always been done. They are ready for local builders to bring the world to them.


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Robert May
Robert W May - Lethbridge Real Estate - Lethbridge, AB
Real estate consulting

That want list is the same as my marketplace hundreds of miles away from NM.  The trend of sterile white 'modern' homes is completely gone, buyers want to get back to nature and homey properties.

Jan 28, 2009 06:27 PM
Scott K

Thanks for this article, Katharine! I found it on your Twitter feed, and as an eager home seller in Clovis right now (trying to close on a 2nd home we own), this is all good to know. Thanks for keeping us on top of these trends!

Jan 29, 2009 01:31 AM
Katharine Fly
Weichert Realtors, The 505 Group - Clovis, NM

Thanks Scott,

Hope your home sale goes well!


Jan 29, 2009 02:04 AM
Terry Miller
Miller Homes Group - Tyler, TX
Miller Homes Group and Tyler Apartment Locator

Great post with lots of good information. Thanks so much, Terry

Jan 29, 2009 02:39 AM
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