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Fixing the Housing Market

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I recently got an email from my Senator Jonnny Isakson. He has proposed a solution for the housing crisis. For you that do not know Johnny, as he is known in Georgia, was in the real estate business for 33 years primarily as a Broker. Here is his website:  http://isakson.senate.gov/   

Any way I have probably emailed my Congressmen more in the last 3 years than in my whole life. We need to let them know what we think. Signing petitions online and forwarding it to them does nothing. They figure one person can make up names and forward them. If you want to petition get real signatures.

Back to my real point. I came across a blog talking about putting a floor in the real estate values. Here is  a reference point to the site.


Read this from an article by Dr. Ted C. Jones

So here is my solution to reduce the market supply of housing and ultimately increase residential property values; the plan looks like this:

Full article go to: http://blog.stewart.com/?p=38

So what do you think?  Agree? Disagree?  Add your comments.  Dr. Ted C. Jones

My comment: It gets the market moving again and the real estate giveaway gets stopped, Values hopefully will rise.  Quit billing the taxpayers for possible solutions.  Nothing is going on now- that is for sure!  Pat Barnett Realtor