Self-Motivated vs. Coaching

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One thing you will soon discover about me, if you haven't already, is that I love listening to and reading other coach's and top agent's books about what success in real estate takes.  I was browsing Amazon yesterday when I came across a title that sounded interesting and, as always, I then began reading the reviews of the book from consumers.

For the majority I saw great reviews other than one that popped off the page at me because it spoke of the merit, or lack thereof, of real estate coaches.  It talked about coaches in our industry being not much more than a mother hen pecking at you to keep you accountable when, in this reviewers opinion, accountability was up to the individual.

In my life I have met a few people who are truly able to hold themselves on track with very specific goals, deadlines, tasks, growth and personal development but that is not the norm.  If you look at any top performer in their field, all of them will credit a mentor, coach, or teacher that helped them make a breakthrough at some point on their path.  Top athletes around the world have a coach.  Do you believe that Michael Jordan's coach could play better than Michael or that Tiger Woods' coach can beat him in Match play?  No.  Coaching is not always about learning from someone better than you are, sometimes the most valuable thing you get out of coaching is perspective, knowledge, technique, and yes, accountability.

I have always performed better when I have someone consulting me on a weekly basis about how I am doing with my goals.  Am I doing the right things to get me where I want to go?  The scary thing about our business is also the beautiful thing about our business which is the freedom and flexibility it allows.  That is scary because one week can turn into two weeks, one month into two, and then the years continue to go by and we have not grown as an individual or a businessperson.  We are still doing the same old thing and getting the same old results.  This is where coaching has such immense value to help you avoid the pitfalls of freedom and flexibility.  To help you keep your eye on the prize so that you not only enjoy the freedom and flexibility, but also the wealth that can come through real estate sales. 

If you decide to work with a coach you should see multiple times in earnings what it costs to be associated with them.  It may not be for everyone, but it is an investment that for most of us pays off in a big way.

I have had a coach since the 3rd year I was in real estate and have never looked back.  As a matter of fact, I wish I would have hired one sooner.

Always Remember, There Are No Limits!


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Curt Canada
Keller Williams-Capital Properties - Washington, DC
Real Estate - Career Coach

Coaching implies forward progress in minute and bold steps while leaving the past behind. We're not always self motivated.  Even the self motivated person sometimes welcomes clarity and purpose. Energy happens as a result of putting one's objectives in action. Coaching equals possibilities, having an arsenal of options and paths!Human potential is limitless! Same with success and setting goals and achieving them. You're right about the statement that 'there are no limits" but getting your client to believe this requires starting somewhere. What do you want to happen ,that's coaching!

Feb 11, 2009 12:19 PM