Increase in Number of Home Inspectors Makes Choosing the Best Difficult

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The increase in the number of home inspectors has made choosing the best one more difficult. While more competition could mean better prices, you should be wary of inspectors who cut prices to get your job. Saving a few dollars on this very important step in the buying or selling process may not be in your best interest. Do some homework up front by prequalifying a few inspectors. Ask your friends, neighbors, and Realtor for referrals. Then talk directly to a few of the referred inspectors to see if they follow a standard of practice and a code of ethics. Ask them to give you a printed copy of those items. If they cannot do so, they may not be the inspectors for you. Finally, do some research on the web. Go to to gain an understanding of the home inspector's work. All of these steps will help you decide which inspector is right for you!

Take the time to explore your options so you will be certain that you have chosen the right inspector.

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