Union County Taking Action To Reduce Emergency Response Time

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Address SignageIn an attempt to Reduce Emergency Response Time in Union County, residents may have to put up with a little aggravation. There will be more than 13,000 marker signs put in place throughout Blairsville and all of Union County. This means that your current address may change. “Boy, I am glad I didn’t spend the money for that new Address Sign Engraved with our Family name on it!” I am sure that this is going to inconvenience a lot of folks out there, but an aggravation that could even save their Mountain Home or even their own lives.

There are 2 Very Important things to know if you are a Primary Resident or even if you own a Second Home, or Vacation Home in Union County.

Do NOT move the Markers once they have been put in place

Do NOT use the New Address until officially notified by Union County.

If you are affected by the change, and there is a very good chance you will, then there is some Good News. You will have 6 Months to notify everyone of your New Address. During this time, the Post Office will deliver your mail to both your Old and New Address.

With this New Addressing Method in place, Union County should never have to re-address again. Commissioner Paris was quoted in The North Georgia News as saying “Our current numbering system is Addressing Phrase-1seriously outdated which could hamper response time in an emergency situation.” He did also go on to say “Most street and road names will remain the same, with only house numbers changing. However, there may be some road name changes but only when necessary to clear up confusing situations.”

I know that this will be such an aggravation, but I understand why the County is making the change. Please keep in mind that this is being done primarily for the safety of everyone in Union County. A little inconvenience now could save a lifetime of memories down the road. If you have any questions for the Commissioner, you can call him at 706.439.6000, or email at Union County Government.

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