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Sample "Be the Bank" Scenario:

Let's say that "Joe" wants to purchase an investment property to rehab. He would also like to include the rehab money into the loan for a 50% - 65% loan based on the ARV (after repair value).

OK.....easy enough you say. No problem! Joe just needs the "HARD MONEY" to get started and become a success.

But, what are some of the issues that Joe is going to have to overcome you ask....good question!


Joe is going to need a solid exit strategy. Hard money lenders are going to ask for a solid credit history; reserves; and experience - along with a strong bank account. Are you surprised - don't be!

Why? "Just because"?
NO - of course not! You probably thought that the HARD MONEY LOAN would be asset based, but that's just not true anymore. The simple reason is because in order to "exit" out of the "Hard Money Loan" you most likely will have to qualify for an "end loan" with a primary lending institute; and their lending guidelines are constantly changing and tightening, so this is becoming the industry norm and standard in order to get a HARD MONEY loan done too.

Additionally, traditional lenders are NOT lending to investors in the same capacity that they use to. Higher restrictions and tighter guidelines are even making it more difficult! Traditional lenders are starting to eliminate the mortgage insurance that use to protect them too, so now a typical buyer will need 20% down. Ouch!

Soooooooo.......Are there any other options? Until now....not likely. That is why you are seeing practically a "freeze" on ALL lending including HARD MONEY.

Given this disaster in the mortgage industry, what is the PRIVATE FINANCIAL CLUB'S goals for you? PFC's goal is to help YOU become a success!! How - you ask? Another very good question! Well, here is the answer below.


PRIVATE FINANCIAL CLUB, INC. is dedicated to getting you the "exit" strategy. Not only are we serious about HARD MONEY which pays our residential Financiers up to 23% for short-term notes, but we are also devoted to training our Financiers in the practice of lending LONG-TERM RESIDENTIAL NOTES from 24 months to 36 months at a rate of usually 10% - 13%. Of course, this rate typically beats most Stocks; Bonds CD's and 401K's rate of return! (Commercial notes have a totally different structure.)

This rate was formally considered the Sub-prime standard and worked very well until we had a "manufactured mortgage crisis"! Therefore, by PFC developing a strong exit strategy, you are again able to borrow the HARD MONEY necessary to complete your projects and exit in a timely manner.
This is why, as an investors' club, we can cater to your needs because we actually cater to all investors' needs, whether it be the Property Investor or the Financier! We are the FULL CIRCLE club that brings everyone together for the same cause.

You can actually be a borrower and/or a lender! That is the beauty of our club! It gives everyone the opportunity to grow in the area that they feel most comfortable. PRIVATE FINANCIAL CLUB, INC. offers five levels to choose from, and you can start at any level with the intent of growing your portfolio.

PRIVATE FINANCIAL CLUB, INC.'s nationwide expansion is becoming exciting as we see the energy and enthusiasm being generated for our programs! Please feel free to contact us anytime. To further learn ALL of what the Private Financial Club, Inc. has to offer, we are providing nationwide demonstrations; therefore, you will be able to call us and book us for your next investment club event. To find out more, and to get all the juicy details - just call: 877-RATE-100

PRIVATE FINANCIAL CLUB, INC. offers lucrative, financial benefits to our Account Reps! If you are interested in hearing more about how YOU can have unlimited money potential by becoming an "AE" - then YOU must call us right away! Of course, since we are national, you can work from home or travel - the choice is yours. Just call: 877-RATE-100

YOU can be either at the "HEAD OF THE LINE" passing out the money, or at the back of the line begging for money - it's your choice!

Yvonne Jones, CEO
Private Financial Club, Inc.

Become a "Financier" and MAKE BIG BUCKS!!!!
Become an "Account Executive" and make huge residual income!

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