A Hypnotist Sent This To Me....Very Interesting....

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I was asked to pass it on and what better place to pass it on at but to activerainers...

If you're like me, you're fascinated with the mind. I know I have been, ever since I was small.

 Here is what she believes...

 Understanding how your mind works is enormously important for helping you reach your goals faster.  Even more importantly; Your subconscious beliefs are likely to be the primary reason you are not achieving everything you desire in life.

 So let's explore further how the mind works.

 The mind is composed of the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious part of your mind is the seat of logic and reason. The subconscious mind is the seat of habits and behavior. But the subconscious is the true powerhouse of the two.

 Your conscious mind (logic and reason) doesn't become fully formed until you are about seven. Beliefs are formed through the mirroring you received from your parents, family members, school,  and television - all your life experiences. Not surprisingly, you grow up thinking of these beliefs as ultimate truth. Some of these beliefs then will be positive and some negative.

 The mind is very much like a computer - it runs from the data that is entered. The computer doesn't question the logic or reason of the data, it just responds. Your subconscious mind does not question what has been inputted either. Your unconscious mind has been programmed since birth, and it will continue to run on these programmed beliefs until you change them.

 Your unconscious mind is something like 88% of your total mental power. It is much more powerful than the logical, conscious part.

 Think of your unconscious mind as big, dumb, and extremely powerful.

 On the other hand, your conscious mind functions from logic and reason. Though this part is only 12% of your mental power, you can direct your thinking to help your subconscious mind create healthy and value-creating beliefs.

 Once your subconscious mind is programmed, you attract experiences and people into your life in accordance with the beliefs you hold. Thoughts, being energy, vibrate at certain rates of speed, and those vibrations attract like vibrations.

You actually subconsciously draw into your experience that which you hold to be true. Remember this can be positive or negative, and can be directly in opposition to what you believe consciously!

 So, by changing unwanted and limiting beliefs subconsciously you can create a much fuller life.

 You can recognize what you subconsciously believe by what you think to your self over and over and what is really present in your life.

 For example, if you say you want to lose weight and over a lengthy period of time never do much about it, well your subconscious beliefs are keeping you from your goal.

 Some ways to change subconscious beliefs are, through affirmations, dreams, NLP and Hypnosis.


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