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GIA certified diamonds in huge quantity is one of the specialties at dharamHK. GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America. It is non-profit organization established in 1931 with headquarters in Carlsbad, California and offices in many countries. It is a standard premier organization for authentication of quality of diamonds. At dharamHK you can find best quality of loose diamonds at the most competitive price. GIA certified diamonds are accompanied with GIA Lab Report. Buying a GIA certified diamond is advisable as it is verified by a neutral and internationally trusted agency which works on non-commercial basis which safeguards the interest between the buyer and the seller

The GIA certified diamonds are examined by the experts and certified for the quality. The certificate bears all the details of the diamond like diamond quality, serial number on the girdle, authenticity of natural origin, color diamonds, clarity diamonds, cut diamonds, carat diamonds weight. In a small price one gets the certificate and rests assured about the diamond quality which you have bought. One can also rest assured about the proper market price charged by the seller with GIA certified diamonds. A certified diamond also commands good market pricing when it is put on re-sale.

Buying a certified diamond takes away all the doubts and guessing and ensures the quality as seen by neutral experts. In case of loss too, a certificate of quality verifies the price with the insurance company. The low-end manufacturers and sellers do not encourage buying certified diamonds. They say, “Certified diamonds cost more”. But they mean, “We have low quality diamond at higher price”.

GIA certified diamond purchase is the best decision for buying diamonds. Please visit our GIA Cerified Diamonds


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