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Branding a product is for quality assurance from the manufacturer and confidence to the customer. Brands stand for style, status and quality. When a company puts its name on its products it provides assurance and complies to the standard proudly. When people want to buy clothes, food items or car they are always allured by the brand name. A reputed brand name automatically guarantees a level of commitment to style, service and quality.

The concept of branding has same truth when shopping for diamond.

Like shoppers of other products, diamond shoppers are perplexed by the quality of diamond and sorting the right kind of diamond. The shoppers can never keep up with all the marketing hype. The jewelry manufacturers, stores, designers promote their products as the best quality available. Many companies have introduced branded diamonds in the past few years. This adds to the perplexity of the shopper about which is the best diamond for them.

With a branded diamond, the company stands for the authenticity of the products and commitment to high quality for the assurance of the shoppers. There is nothing anonymous about the diamond you are buying when it is branded. Certification is always advisable still the branded diamonds comply with specific standards of cut, clarity, brilliance and beauty. When a company gives a name it does everything to make sure that the name is not blemished.

De Beers carried out an experiment with branding of diamonds and branded diamonds became a reality rather than just a technical concept. Cartel’s R & D division researched a new technique for inscription on polished diamonds to ensure security and consumers confidence. The expert view of De Beers for the inscription on the table does not affect the grade of diamond has been confirmed by GIA and HRD after conducting tests on select diamonds of different colors, clarities and shapes.

De Beers encouraged the importance of branding for the sight holders and step up their branding and advertising efforts. Many jewelry stores also see branding as marketing strategy to get high profits and fight online diamond competitors. The shoppers also understand that branding also stands for higher price. The extra cost of advertising is ultimately paid by the shopper. The branded diamonds are available mostly in high end jewelry stores with high overheads and higher prices of the products.

History of Diamond Branding

Lazare Kaplan branded the Lazare Diamond and laser-inscribed it in 1980. It is advertised as ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Diamond’. It became a recognized name for an ideal cut diamond all over the world.

In the early 80’s the Radiant and the Trillion cut were patented as new cuts and subsequently branded. The Princess cut too was invented but not patented by the inventor and the diamond industry witnessed the result of failure to patent a new cut by the inventor.

Again almost in the same period the Fire Scope was invented and an intensive and extensive research carried out in Japan for the tool to examine diamond cut. Eight Star Diamond Company popularized Hearts and Arrows as a cutting style. This style displays a pattern of eight arrowheads when viewed from above the crown and eight hearts shapes when viewed from the bottom. The diamond cutters, jewelry designer and stores started vigorous branding for marketing diamonds with Heart & Arrow pattern because of its uniqueness and exclusivity.

Di-Star Ltd., the Boston diamond company started importing hearts & arrows diamonds and sold them to jewelers with Hearts on Fire brand name. Later Di-Star was renamed Hearts on Fire Company.

Impact of branding

Branding a product has economic as well as psychological impact besides marketing one. Companies create a brand by marketing their product in such a manner that it is considered the best. The branding exercise targets to become a day to day name in every household so that the shoppers always tend to take decision in its favor.


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