When the Lord takes your hand

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You have to obey and follow.  Being a type-A businesswoman, sometimes that is very hard for me to do.  I hem and haw and many times outright just refuse to obey.  After all, i know what's best for me (what does God know?)  In a deep pit is where I usually end up.  After a period of "doing it my way" I was up against a wall, and shared with a client who has also become my dear friend, Donna.  She listened to my ramblings, then told me this story (it's her story, so sorry Donna, if I don't paraphrase it exactly the way it was told to me).

Donna is a waitress, and an excellent one! One day driving into work, she was musing on her lot in life, getting a bit discouraged that at age 50+ she felt she had not accomplished perhaps as much as she thought.  She was still a waitress, living with her fiancee, and collecting stray animals whenever she could.  She did not feel that she was successful, nor accomplishing anything of any importance.  She said a little prayer to God to help her see what her purpose was in life, to help ease her unease at her lack of accomplishment...after all what major impact does a waitress have in anyone's life.  She realized that her thoughts were focused on the things she had NOT done in her life; serving others as a waitress hardly seemed to count for anything.  So she changed her prayer to add, "thank you God for blessing me as a waitress and thank you for giving me a job in this economy!  Help me to see you in everyone I meet today."

She got into work, and immediately got very busy, serving her clientele.  Her first table had an older woman, quietly sitting by herself.  Donna felt sadness at seeing someone eating alone and set about trying to make the lady comfortable with her service.  She solicitiously asked if she wanted extra water, if the food was to her liking, and if she wanted the daily paper to read.  When the meal was over, Donna brought the bill and asked the woman if she could do anything that would help make her stay in the Valley more pleasant.  The woman replied that Donna was very kind and she appreciated her question.

Donna collected the bill and the credit card off the table and started to walk away to the register; she noticed that the tip was for $100.  Alarmed that the lady had made an error writing the tip, she turned around to walk back to the table. She was almost there when the lady said to her," It's not a mistake; you earned it dear!"  Donna was flabbergasted...how could this be? The lady's bill was only $23- and she was giving her $100- as a tip? The look on her face must have been funny because the woman stated, "Don't look so shocked - you are by far the best waitress that I've had in a long while...I hope you stay doing what you do, because you are very good."

Donna said to herself, "Thank you God for answering my prayer."





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Charles Stallions
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Yes,  the Lord is so good and most of the time it goes unnoticed. Thank you God for all your blessings and making this wonderful post possible and thank you Rose for sharing it.

Jan 30, 2009 01:34 AM
Karen Anne Stone
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Rose:  A good waitress will realize that when a customer comes in, and sits at her table, that that might be the high point of their day.  Treating others with kindness is the only way to live.  Thanks so much for sharing this with us.  Take care...

Jan 30, 2009 02:19 AM
Alexander Harb
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How many people measure success in the worlds eyes...and with the worlds yardstick......

Anyone doing that would come up short.....


Jan 31, 2009 10:22 AM
Bob Sloop, Consultant, Indianapolis, IN
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And I thought I was the only one here that fights this situation, LOL... Yes, God does take our hand and does want us to come along with Him.  He has things He wants to tell us, show us, and let us remember what He has done for us.  We then will never forget what is most important.  Thank you for sharing this post with us. 


Jan 31, 2009 02:04 PM
Carol Smith
Casmi Photography - Mebane, NC

Sometimes the things we do every day are routine to us and lack far-reaching importance.  Or so we think.  Then there is a little inkling of something bigger.  Something more powerful.  And that keeps us grounded.

You friend Donna seems to be just where she's supposed to be.  And that, in and of itself, is a blessing.

Feb 01, 2009 01:40 AM
Debe Maxwell, CRS
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Rose, what a beautiful story--sometimes the Lord speaks to us in ways that WE don't want to 'hear' but, we simply have to go with His lead and realize the blessing.

Congratulations--this post has been featured in the Christianity & Real Estate group!


Feb 01, 2009 02:44 AM
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Rose Robinson-How great is our God. God works in mysterious ways. Great story for someone who is down. Thanks for sharing this with us Rose. Great post.

Feb 01, 2009 11:50 AM
Steve Babbitt

Rose, good story of how we should be thinking about who we are and where we are and God's purpose for us and the impact we can have on other people if we allow him to work through us!

Thanks for reminding me of my role!


God bless you!


Feb 03, 2009 09:31 AM
Dagmar Sands
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Rose your story reminded me of the country music song - You Owe me Nothing...
All I ask is that you pay it FORWARD".... I'm not quite sure of the name of it but
the man that changed a tire for a woman who didn't want any money later that
same woman in a diner left a tip for the waitress who ended up to be his wife.

You never know whose life you touch by going that extra mile.  Great post.  Thank you
for sharing your friends story.  Dagmar

Feb 04, 2009 05:08 PM
Kathleen Lordbock
Broker/Short Sale & Staging Specialist - Crosby, MN
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Leaving a Leagacy by word and by example - what is your legacy?

Daily our legacy is left - do we compromise? take the easy way out? think life is all about us? Doing our jobs to the best of our ability whether that is waitressing or selling re sets an example for the others behind us. And makes a profound impact on those we encounter.

Feb 07, 2009 06:58 AM
Greg Miller
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Wonderful story Rose. Reminder that whatever we do, do unto the Lord. In a way that is pleasing to him.

Feb 08, 2009 10:56 AM