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Hi Rainers :)

If you love music you can save a life!  My mother recently battled endometrial/uterine cancer and we are fortunate that her doctor is one of the best in the field.  She is doing well so far and has a good prognosis.  Okay, here is where the music part comes in.

A band has been formed consisting of oncologists from all over the USA specializing in gynocology.  They have been signed by a music producer to make a CD, and all the proceeds are going to raising awareness for gynocologic oncology (I watched their You Tube video (it was odd to see Dr. Boggus without scrubbs...).  They are trying to get on Oprah and Good Morning America!

Here is the link to the newspaper article about this very worthy endeavor.  I know I plan to buy a dozen copies of the CD when it comes out.

I love nice people!

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James Frazier
James Frazier Personal Development Coach - Rockford, IL

Hey Karen...glad to hear that your mon is doing well. I know that can be such a trying experience to endure. Best wishs for continued success for her...and you as well. How is the staging in your area?

James Frazier, MA, Th. D. (Hon)


Jan 31, 2009 03:02 PM